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StepMania to Tap Studio convertor. (Requires a Mac and a jailbroken iDevice)

Please read my blog post for more info.

Quick Start Guide

  1. In Tap Studio, create a New Tap with the song you want.
  2. Press Record, and record only one note and press Stop, Go Back and Save.
  3. In a file transfer program, navigate to Tap Studio's directory, then Documents, then Local.
  4. Copy the .tapd file that corresponds to your song into your Mac.
  5. Open the Terminal.
  6. plutil -convert xml1 /path/to/your/song.tapd
  7. python /path/to/ /path/to/your/ /path/to/your/song.tapd
  8. plutil -convert binary1 /path/to/your/song.tapd
  9. Copy the .tapd file back.
  10. Enjoy!