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sound-slicer is the app that helps me slice the sound files to make BMS notecharts.

It reads in the .txt files and slices the corresponding .wav file into parts. It also generates a BMS clipboard file which can be transposed and pasted into BMx Sequence Editor.

Project Layout

When creating BMS using this tool, you are supposed to put the original project files (e.g. original samples, .txt files) in any folder, and put the sliced wav files along with BMS files you are working in a subfolder of it, called wav.

For example, it might look like this:

  • Synth.wav
  • Synth.txt
  • wav
    • Synth-001.wav
    • Synth-002.wav
    • Synth-003.wav
    • Synth-004.wav
    • Synth-005.wav
    • ...


Also included here is miditext, another app that reads in a MIDI file and generates a .txt file. There are 2 styles.

  • Rhythmic: slice every events found in a MIDI file. The length of the resulting file is equal to the length of the MIDI file. It generates a .txt file.

    This is the simplest way of converting, but may result in slight gaps between sliced samples. This method does not detect like sounds and discard them. So if your MIDI file has 1000 notes, it will generate 1000 slices.

  • Melodic: it categorizes each note found in a MIDI file by note, length and velocity. It then generates another .mid file with these notes organized along with a .txt file to slice them. It also generates a clipboard file for you to put the original notes into BMS. You then have to import the new .mid file back into your audio application and render it as .wav file, and slice with the generated .txt file and then use the generated clipboard file to put notes in your BMS file.

    This method is recommended if you have a lot of notes in common. For example, if your bassline has 500 notes, but has only 10 different notes, and they all use the same instrument. You can export the entire bassline and convert using melodic style instead. This results in only 10 slices being reused throughout the whole song, instead of 500, each being used one.

Both styles does not support BPM changes.