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Broadcast your tty to the world! Stream your live terminal session online. Powered by ttyrec, tty.js and Socket.IO
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ttycast: broadcast your tty!

This app allows you to broadcast your tty online, in really real time!

This Node.js app is very simple (less than 80 lines of my own code), by putting a lot of libraries together. So, this app wouldn't be possible without:

This NodeJS app is powered by tty.js, ttyrec (and ttyplay), and connect.

An online version of this app is available at It uses ttyrec and nc, no Node.js required on the client. The modified source code will be released sometime after.



Install ttyrec:

brew install ttyrec

Install ttycast:

npm install -g ttycast

Also, your terminal must be 80x25. But you can change that size in index.html.


In your terminal emulator, create a named pipe and pipe it using ttyplay -n to ttycast.

mkfifo /tmp/ttycast
ttyplay -n /tmp/ttycast | ttycast

Open your browser and navigate to the server.


Then, spawn a new 80x25 terminal window and start recording:

reset && ttyrec /tmp/ttycast

Then you should see characters appearing in real-time. After using, don't forget to rm /tmp/ttycast!

(not working? Then try using normal files. Scroll all the way down.)

Changing Port

ttycast uses the PORT environment variable but the default port is 13377

Piping Via SSH

You can install ttycast on your server somewhere, and pipe your local terminal there through SSH!

Good when you are behind a firewall.

ttyplay -n /tmp/ttycast | ssh PORT=12345 ttycast

Pipe Anything

Um you can pipe anything that a terminal can understand to ttycast, and it will be broadcasted.

brew install sl
{ while true; do sl 2>&1; done } | ttycast



The MIT license

Normal File Usage

In your favorite terminal emulator, spawn a new window, and then to start recording:

reset && ttyrec /tmp/ttyr

Now on your old window, run ttyplay -p and pipe it to ttycast!

ttyplay -p /tmp/ttyr | ttycast

And go to

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