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A #thaiWitter client developed using xulrunner
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A #thaiWitter client developed on XULRunner 13.0.2.

It is basically a site-specific browser for #thaiWitter web application with few APIs added to the window, such as notification, link opening, cross-domain XHR, and userstreaming.

It also has a script to build a packaged application for Mac OS X and Windows and Linux (maybe).

Part of this code is adapted from Mozilla Prism.

Fork Me!

Currently this code is coupled to #thaiWitter web app, but it can be a starting point for other people who wants to make a site-specific browser like this one.

Even better if someone fork this and make it a general-purpose site-specific browser, with the ability to set the starting URL, application name, and other stuff based on some kind of a configuration file.


The code for this project is released under MPL v2.0

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