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A Timeline of OT History

This project is currently a work in progress.


  • Finish merging local data file with information contained in Google Spreadsheet
  • Fix bugs with presentation of date information in lens
  • Separate events into separate data files by eventType for easier recycling into future projects (e.g. separate files for Israel and non-Israel events)
  • Add events that show span of major periods in Israel's history (Exodus, Conquest, Egyptian sojourn, etc).
  • Add events to show the span of major dynasties (Omride dynasty, etc)
  • Add dynastic information to individual items, add extra search facet to filter by dynastic period
  • Add dates for events in David (based on info from Merrill)
  • Add information about OT prophets
  • Add information about rulers of Egypt, Assyria, & Babylon who significantly impact the flow of OT history
  • Confirm dates from Isaiah source data file against dates in Thiele.
  • Generalize timeline code into a separate repo, add that repo as an upstream remote for easier development of features for timelines generally


These dates are based on a number of different sources, which I've tried to recognize in the "source" field for each data point. I have used some sources more than others in confirming these dates, and these are listed below:

Thiele, Edwin Richard. The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel, 1994.

Merrill, Eugene H. Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books, 1996.


A timeline of events in Old Testament history, based on various sources.



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