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AndroidViewClient was originally conceived as an extension to monkeyrunner but lately evolved as a pure python tool that automates or simplifies test script creation. It is a test framework for Android applications that:

    • Automates driving Android applications
    • Generates re-usable scripts
    • Provides view-based device independent UI interaction
    • Uses 'logical' screen comparison (UI Automator Hierarchy based) over image comparison (Avoiding extraneous detail issues, such as time or data changes)
    • Supports running on multiple devices
    • Provides simple control for high level operations like language change and activity start
    • Supports all Android APIs
    • Is written in python

Latest Version

😡 NOTE: Pypi statistics are broken see here. The new statistics can be obtained from BigQuery.

As of December 2018 we have reached:

Thanks to all who made it possible.

Want to learn more?

Detailed information can be found in the AndroidViewClient/culebra wiki

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