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#[cxx::bridge(namespace = "org::blobstore")]
mod ffi {
// Shared structs with fields visible to both languages.
struct BlobMetadata {
size: usize,
tags: Vec<String>,
// Rust types and signatures exposed to C++.
extern "Rust" {
type MultiBuf;
fn next_chunk(buf: &mut MultiBuf) -> &[u8];
// C++ types and signatures exposed to Rust.
unsafe extern "C++" {
type BlobstoreClient;
fn new_blobstore_client() -> UniquePtr<BlobstoreClient>;
fn put(&self, parts: &mut MultiBuf) -> u64;
fn tag(&self, blobid: u64, tag: &str);
fn metadata(&self, blobid: u64) -> BlobMetadata;
// An iterator over contiguous chunks of a discontiguous file object.
// Toy implementation uses a Vec<Vec<u8>> but in reality this might be iterating
// over some more complex Rust data structure like a rope, or maybe loading
// chunks lazily from somewhere.
pub struct MultiBuf {
chunks: Vec<Vec<u8>>,
pos: usize,
pub fn next_chunk(buf: &mut MultiBuf) -> &[u8] {
let next = buf.chunks.get(buf.pos);
buf.pos += 1;
next.map_or(&[], Vec::as_slice)
fn main() {
let client = ffi::new_blobstore_client();
// Upload a blob.
let chunks = vec![b"fearless".to_vec(), b"concurrency".to_vec()];
let mut buf = MultiBuf { chunks, pos: 0 };
let blobid = client.put(&mut buf);
println!("blobid = {}", blobid);
// Add a tag.
client.tag(blobid, "rust");
// Read back the tags.
let metadata = client.metadata(blobid);
println!("tags = {:?}", metadata.tags);