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What is Unit-e?

Unit-e is a new cryptocurrency, providing a scalable and decentralized monetary and payment network based on current scientific research. It is the first project supported by the Distributed Technology Research foundation (DTR). Its design is backed by the research DTR is funding. The goal is to deliver the scalable performance needed to enter mainstream use.

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For more information about the vision of the project and a high-level description visit the Unit-e web site and the web site of the DTR Foundation which governs the project.


The underlying research on which Unit-e's vision is based is covered by the research manifesto "Decentralized Payment Systems: Principles and Design". It contains scientific research around consensus, sharding, payment channels, privacy & security, and economics & incentives.

Find more information about the research and the team of researchers in the research section of the DTR web site.

Open source

For the open source project go to its project page on GitHub:

Technical reference

This documentation covers information about the :ref:`testnet` and :ref:`reference`.

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