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Unit-e Improvement Proposals (UIPs)

Unit-e Improvement Proposals (UIPs) are how design documents for Unit-e are discussed and proposed. The process is defined in UIP-0001. UIPs are hosted in the git repository at

Here is the current list of UIPs in Draft or Proposed state:

  • UIP-0001 - Unit-e Improvement Proposal (UIP) Process
  • UIP-0003 - Unit-e Block Header to include SegWit Merkle Root
  • UIP-0008 - Proper headers message
  • UIP-0009 - Validator permissioning specification
  • UIP-0011 - Snapshot
  • UIP-0012 - Fork choice rule
  • UIP-0015 - Remote staking
  • UIP-0017 - No Nonce or Extra Nonce
  • UIP-0018 - Unit-e Transaction Types
  • UIP-0021 - Transfer Esperanza Transactions
  • UIP-0024 - CTOR - Canonical Transactions Ordering Rule
  • UIP-0026 - Graphene - block propagation protocol
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