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Unit-e is under active development. It's built gradually and not done yet. The first step is the testnet phase where we run a network for testing purposes, to iron out bugs, and to experiment with some parameters, for example for the economics. More features and components will be added and released over time.

If you build and run the unit-e client as described in the unit-e README it will automatically connect to the testnet.

You can use the RPC interface to interact with the client. The most convenient way is to use the unit-e-cli on the machine where you are running unit-e. See the command line help you get with unit-e-cli -h for more detailed instructions and the :ref:`rpc` for details on the RPC commands.

The peer-to-peer network protocol is documented in the :ref:`p2p`. The best reference for how everything works together currently is the source code.

If you find any issues please report them on GitHub.

Follow the :ref:`announcements` page for updates such as breaking changes to the testnet.

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