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UIP-8: Proper headers message

Author:   Julian Fleischer <>
Status:   Proposed
Created:  2018-09-25


Nodes exchange blocks using various message. Ever since the headers first approach was introduced, nodes ask for headers first. They do so by issuing a getheaders message which enumerates a list of block hashes and receive a headers message in return. The headers message is simply a compact integer denoting the number of headers contained in the message and the serialized block headers.

In bitcoin these headers are serialized as if they were blocks, but stripped from the transactions. A block contains a compact integer that denotes the number of transactions following. As the headers message does not contain transactions this number is always zero, denoted by the single byte 0x00.

This byte is superfluous.

The one and only place where headers are sent in bitcoin looks like this:

// we must use CBlocks, as CBlockHeaders won't include the 0x00 nTx count at the end
std::vector<CBlock> vHeaders;
// ... omitted for brevity (logging) ...
for (; pindex; pindex = chainActive.Next(pindex))
    if (--nLimit <= 0 || pindex->GetBlockHash() == hashStop)
// ... omitted for brevity (comment) ...
connman->PushMessage(pfrom, msgMaker.Make(NetMsgType::HEADERS, vHeaders));

The one and only place where the headers message is processed looks like this:

unsigned int nCount = ReadCompactSize(vRecv);
// ... omitted for brevity (length check) ...
for (unsigned int n = 0; n < nCount; n++) {
    vRecv >> headers[n];
    ReadCompactSize(vRecv); // ignore tx count; assume it is 0.

As can be seen, the deserialization simply assumes that this byte will always be zero and skips (ignores) it. The serialization can be changed to actually serialize a CBlockHeader.

This was uncovered when adding the Proof-of-Stake block signature to a block, as the above serialization code will unnecessarily serialize that into the headers message, too.

An alternative approach would be to define a NotSoCompactHeaders class which serializes into the old headers message.


We will serialize actual headers and not include the 0x00 byte in the end of the headers message.


The headers message could be interpreted like a Block (obviously the computation of the merkle tree for the transactions would fail) which might be handy for SPV clients.

There are tests that need to change. This is easily accomplished by changing the msg_headers function:

# headers message has
# <count> <vector of block headers>
class msg_headers():
    command = b"headers"

    def deserialize(self, f):
        # comment in united indicates these should be deserialized as blocks
        blocks = deser_vector(f, CBlock)
        for x in blocks:
# ...



I believe it is just a historical thing, I don't know of any block parsing code that's really relevant where this is a problem and hard to change

I'd approve removing it, possibly making a list of things that depend on the difference and checking if theres test coverage for it

Peter Wuille (comments on bitcoin.stackexchange):

Another thread on bitcoin.stackexchange asking precisely about the txn_count being always zero:

Reference implementation

Unit-e pull request


  • 2019-04-16 Added reference implementation and changed status to proposed
  • 2018-12-12 Moved to UIP repository as UIP-8
  • 2018-09-25 Accepted as ADR-8


This document is dual-licensed under CC0 and MIT.

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