Media Stub Creator, written in Python, to help create them for Kodi
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Description: This project is a simple text file creator, used to make Media Stubs for Kodi (formerly called XBMC)

Project Setup

All you need is Python installed to run the script and following the input questions is fairly straight forward.

It was last tested with Python 2.7.13 and 3.5.0.


I'm a big user of the media center software Kodi and wanted to create empty text files to populate the library with movies I had on the shelf. Creating Media Stubs for this kind of offline media is described on this wiki page:

Media stubs - (via Kodi Wiki)

I had a lot of movies to go through and instead of doing it manually, I turned this into a learning experience with Python and created a tool to help me out.


Latest update allows the user to change the default output folder when running the script. Relative and absolute paths should work fine when entered.