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As of version 3, Rails doesn't have the textilize, textilize_without_paragraph, and markdown helper methods. Formatize brings them back. Drop it into the old application you're upgrading and it'll smoothen the process just that little bit more.


Put gem 'formatize' into your Gemfile and do a bundle install, and that's it. Formatize depends on RedCloth and bluecloth so you will not have to worry about those.


The textilize & textilize_without_paragraph helper methods

The textilize helper method accepts a string of Textile and one or more options. In most cases the default behavior will be suitable and you will not have to pass it any options:

textilize("*This is Textile!*  Rejoice!")
# => "<p><strong>This is Textile!</strong>  Rejoice!</p>"

Sometimes, however, you want to customize how RedCloth parses your Textile. You can specify a single option:

textilize("This is worded <strong>strongly</strong>", :filter_html)
# => "<p>This is worded &lt;strong&gt;strongly&lt;/strong&gt;</p>"

Or you can specify multiple options:

textilize("This is worded <strong>strongly</strong>", :filter_html, :lite_mode)
# => "This is worded &lt;strong&gt;strongly&lt;/strong&gt;"

The textilize_without_paragraph works similarly except it omits the surrounding <p> tag. Check out the documentation for RedCloth::TextileDoc for an overview on the options available.

The markdown helper method

The markdown helper method accepts a string of Markdown:

markdown("We are using __Markdown__ now!")
# => "<p>We are using <strong>Markdown</strong> now!</p>"

If you set the :safe option to true the input string will be not sanitized before conversion:

markdown("<em>We are using __Markdown__ now!</em>", :safe => true)
# => "<p><em>We are using <strong>Markdown</strong> now!</em></p>"


I'll maintain compatibility with the latest Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 versions, which for the moment being means Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2. It might work with others but it's not guaranteed. Patches welcome.

As for Rails, I'll make sure Formatize works with the latest 3.x versions, which for the moment being just means Rails 3.0.0. If, say, the latest 3.0 version was 3.0.5 and the latest 3.1 version was 3.1.1, Formatize would work with both.

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright (c) 2010 David Trasbo

Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

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