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ABANDONED. I'm sorry, but this project is no longer active. Feel free to fork the repo, copy the code, release the code under a different gem or whatever you need.
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Plugin containing the textilize, textilize_without_paragraph, and markdown helpers removed from Rails.


To install as a gem (recommended), add this to the Gemfile of the application and run bundle install:

gem 'formatize'

Alternatively, you can install as a plugin:

rails plugin install git://

Don't forget to add the RedCloth and/or bluecloth gems to the Gemfile if you go with the plugin. They will be installed automatically when installing the gem.


The textilize & textilize_without_paragraph helpers

The textilize helper accepts a string of Textile and one or more options. In most cases the default behavior will be suitable and you will not have to pass it any options:

textilize("*This is Textile!*  Rejoice!")
# => "<p><strong>This is Textile!</strong>  Rejoice!</p>"

Sometimes, however, you want to customize how RedCloth parses your Textile. You can specify a single option:

textilize("This is worded <strong>strongly</strong>", :filter_html)
# => "<p>This is worded &lt;strong&gt;strongly&lt;/strong&gt;</p>"

Or you can specify multiple options:

textilize("This is worded <strong>strongly</strong>", :filter_html, :lite_mode)
# => "This is worded &lt;strong&gt;strongly&lt;/strong&gt;"

The textilize_without_paragraph works similarly except it omits the surrounding <p> tag. Check out the documentation for RedCloth::TextileDoc for an overview on the options available.

The markdown helper

The markdown helper accepts a string of Markdown:

markdown("We are using __Markdown__ now!")
# => "<p>We are using <strong>Markdown</strong> now!</p>"

If you set the :safe option to true the input string will be not sanitized before conversion:

markdown("<em>We are using __Markdown__ now!</em>", :safe => true)
# => "<p><em>We are using <strong>Markdown</strong> now!</em></p>"

Copyright & Licensing

Copyright (c) 2010 David Heinemeier Hansson

Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

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