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A repository of Valgrind error suppression files for GNOME software

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This is a repository of Valgrind suppression files intended to be used to detect memory leaks in GNOME software using Valgrind.

Getting started

You will need Valgrind, GNU Make, and sed.

  1. Clone the git repository:

    git clone

    Alternatively, check out the latest code using Subversion:

    svn checkout GNOME.supp
  2. Open a terminal and cd into GNOME.supp.
  3. make

GNU Make will generate suppression (SUPP) files in the project root. To use them with Valgrind, pass a --suppressions=<filename> option for each suppression file that you would like to use. For example, to use the suppressions in glib.supp, you would pass --suppressions=/path/to/GNOME.supp/glib.supp to Valgrind.

See the Valgrind page on GNOME Live! for tips on using Valgrind to detect memory leaks in GNOME software.

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