do offline `npm install`s from your npm cache
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update: as of (oct 8, 2014), npm's offline install commands are not working for me. Urn supports npm's old and new cache formats; so have at it and enjoy your offline-coding time :)

note: consider using npm install --no-registry or npm install -N instead of this module. npm will get all the details right (e.g. binary building, preinstall scripts, etc). As long as you are using a version after v0.10.19, it will be very fast :) [issue link][1] [1]:

npm for when your internet is down

urn installs npm packages from your npm cache. Unless you've used npm cache clean, you will be able to install ANY package you've ever installed.

npm -g install urn


urn --help or urn -h

  urn install underscore
  urn i underscore
  urn underscore
  urn underscore -s # save underscore as dependency in package.json
  urn underscore -S # same as above


  • Binary packages will not be built.
  • No good way to download the whole npm repo, other than npm install hoarders update: hoarders has been removed from npm.