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- <p>Editor-in-Chief: John Thomason<br/>
- Managing Editors: Nathan Schauer & Jordan Cohen <br/>
- Senior Staff Manager: Justine Selsing <br/>
- Senior Design Editor: Toby Hollis <br/>
- Senior Copy Editor: Janet Ma <br/>
- Senior Development Editor: Katie Gosewehr <br/>
- Business Manager: Tera Jones </p>
+ <p>Editor-in-Chief: Ian Gallogly<br/>
+ Managing Editors: Maya Booth and Nathan Schauer<br/>
+ Senior Design Editors: Nick Lawson and Elizabeth Yaffe<br/>
+ Senior Copy Editor: Jayci Spivey<br/>
+ Senior Digital Editor: Michael Maltese<br/>
+ Senior Staff Manager: Jordan Cohen<br/>
+ Development Manager: John Thomason<br/>
+ Business Manager: Adam Belzberg</p>
- <p>News Editors: Ian Gallogly , Jeff Zalesin & Elizabeth Yaffe <br/>
- Life and Style Editors: Sophie Forman & Nick Lawson <br/>
- Sports Editors: Stefan Castellanos , Nick Hubbard & Jesse Caro <br/>
- Opinions Editors: John Holler & Liz Crumpacker <br/>
- Photo Editor: Andrew Hong <br/>
- Copy Editors: Jayci Spivey , Jesse Stoneman , Loren Hinton, Hannah Shoenhard<br/>
- Web Editor: Sean Laguna <br/>
- Web Developement: Alexander Rudy </p>
+ <p>News Editors: Sarah Han and Michelle No<br/>
+ Life & Style Editor: Anna Petkovich<br/>
+ Sports Editors: Ryan Miller and Leslie Canter<br/>
+ Opinions Editor: Alan Mitchell</p>
- <p>Distribution Manager: Ian Gallogly</p>
+ <p>Print Design Editor: Anjali Gupta<br/>
+ News Design Editor: Gabrielle Badie<br/>
+ Life & Style Design Editor: Caitlin Kenney<br/>
+ Sports Design Editor: Spencer Heim<br/>
+ Opinions Design Editor: Stephanie Braziel</p>
+ <p>Web Copy Editor: Hannah Shoenhard<br/>
+ News Copy Editor: Emma Foehringer Merchant<br/>
+ Life & Style Copy Editor: Trinity Furman<br/>
+ Sports Copy Editor: Noah Stanton<br/>
+ Opinions Copy Editor: Jess Zellinger</p>
+ <p>Photography Editor: Andrew Hong<br/>
+ Distribution Manager: Anne Fulton</p>
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