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Blockchain for social distribution
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Get a node running

  • Install MongoDB and run it on your machine
  • npm install
  • Get your own keys with node src/cli.js keypair
  • Save your keys
  • Add your keys to scripts/
  • chmod +x scripts/
  • ./scripts/

Get helped

We have a discord channel dedicated to node owners (aka leaders), where you can get support to get set up. Join and go to DTube Chain -> #leader-candidates

Using the CLI

You can use the CLI tool to transact with avalon. Simply try node src/cli --help or node src/cli <command> --help for a full help.

Using Javalon

There is also a Javascript module available and working on both browser and nodejs.

HTTP GET API (incomplete)

Get block

curl http://localhost:3001/block/<block_num>

Get a new random key pair

curl http://localhost:3001/newKeyPair

Get new contents

curl http://localhost:3001/new

Get an account

curl http://localhost:3001/account/<name>

Get connected peers

curl http://localhost:3001/peers

Get miner schedule

curl http://localhost:3001/schedule

Get full list of miners sorted by rank

curl http://localhost:3001/allminers

Get block count

curl http://localhost:3001/count

Full list of API endpoints

And the recommended security practises if you want to open the API to the world


Once you have an account and balance, your account will start generating bandwidth and voting power which you can consume by transacting.

Necessary for all transactions:

  • key: your private key
    • Use -K MyKeyHere to use a plain-text key
    • Use -F file.json to use a key inside a file to sign
  • user: your username

Vote for a leader

  • target: the node owner to approve
node src/cli.js vote-leader -K <key> -M <user> <target>

Unvote a leader

  • target: the node owner to approve
node src/cli.js unvote-leader -K <key> -M <user> <target>

Transfer tokens

  • receiver: username of the receiver of the transfer
  • amount: number of tokens to transfer to the receiver
  • memo: arbitrary short text content
node src/cli.js transfer -K <key> -M <user> <receiver> <amount> <memo>

Add a post / Commenting

  • link: a short string to be used as the index of the content
  • parent_author: the username of the author of the parent post
  • parent_link: the link of the parent post
  • json: arbitrary json input. example: {"string":"aye", array:[1,2,3]}
  • tag: arbitrary short text content
  • weight : the number of vote tokens to spend on this vote
node src/cli.js comment -K <key> -M <user> <link> <parent_author> <parent_link> <json>

Vote a post

  • link: the link of the post to vote on
  • author: the username of the author to vote on
  • weight: the number of vote tokens to spend on this vote
  • tag: arbitrary short text content
node src/cli.js vote -K <key> -M <user> <link> <author> <weight> <tag>

Edit your user json object

  • json: arbitrary json input. example: {"string":"aye", array:[1,2,3]}
node src/cli.js profile -K <key> -M <user> <json>

Follow a user

  • target: the user to follow
node src/cli.js follow -K <key> -M <user> <target>

Unfollow a user

  • target: the user to unfollow
node src/cli.js unfollow -K <key> -M <user> <target>

Signing a raw transaction

To create a transaction and export it to a file, you can use the sign CLI tool

node src/cli.js sign <priv_key> <user> <tx> > tmptx.json

For example to approve a node owner and publishing it only 5 seconds later:

node src/cli.js sign -K 4L1C3553KRETK3Y -M alice '{"type":1,"data":{"target":"miner1"}}' > tmptx.json
sleep 5
curl -H "Content-type:application/json" --data @tmptx.json http://localhost:3001/transact

POST Calls

Mine Block

Will force the node to try to produce a block even if it's unscheduled. Useful for block #1 and working on development

curl  http://localhost:3001/mineBlock

Add peer

Manually force connection to a peer without having to restart the node

curl -H "Content-type:application/json" --data '{"peer" : "ws://localhost:6001"}' http://localhost:3001/addPeer

MongoDB Storage

Avalon saves the state of the chain into mongodb after each block. You can easily query mongodb directly to get any data you want, that wouldn't be provided by the API itself.

mongo <db_name>
db.blocks.findOne({_id: 0})

Elastic Search Storage

Avalon can also copy the accounts and contents into an elastic search database with monstache. A configuration file for monstache is provided in the root of this repository. Once running you can query it like so :

# search contents
curl http://localhost:9200/avalon.contents/_search?q=football
# search accounts
curl http://localhost:9200/avalon.accounts/_search?q=satoshi

Resetting and replaying the chain

Shut everything down, then db.dropDatabase() in mongo, and restart. This will do a complete replay and verification of the chain. Depending on your CPU/RAM it might be extremely slow and take a long time on a long chain with many transactions.

Replaying from a dump

An alternative way to resync your node faster is to use one of the backups provided by Example:

tar xfvz ./16.tar.gz
mongorestore -d avalon .

Will download and restore your avalon node up to 16:00 UTC.

Being a good node owner

If you are in the top 20 node owners, please add a field to your profile as so:

node src/cli.js profile -K <key> -M <user> '{"node":{"ws":"ws://yourip:yourport"}}'
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