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Crowdin License: GPL v3 DTube channel on Discord PRs Welcome

DTube App

This is the main javascript application you can use on This is probably the starting point for anyone wanting to contribute to


DTube Homepage Preview


Install Meteor

  • Linux and Mac: curl | sh
  • Windows: link

Install the app

Clone this repository and meteor npm install in it. This will install all dependencies coming from npm including the ones required for development.

Start the app

Finally, do meteor in the folder to start the app in development mode.

  • -p 3456 for running on a different port than the default 3000.
  • --production will minify and merge the javascript and css files.

Meteor will automatically push any change on the code to the browser while you keep the meteor dev server running.

Going in-depth

Running blockchain locally

You can run a blockchain locally on your PC to avoid sending transactions onto the live network. Follow instructions in dtube/avalon, then just change API to 'localhost:3001' in the settings page to point your UI to your development chain.

Working with Uploads

For doing anything on the upload side, it is strongly recommended to run your own dtube/ipfs-uploader. Once running, simply turn the localhost setting to true in client/settings.js and it will upload locally instead of our production servers.

Working on the Player

As you can see, we use the embed directly available on This is the dtube/embed repository. Feel free to clone it and directly point the client/views/commons/videos/player.js to your file:// version of the player if you want to make changes that include the player.

Working with pre-rendering for bots

The dtube/minidtube repository is responsible for all the pre-rendering and serving a decent version of to bots which normally wouldn't be able to.


  • .meteor meteor files, don't touch unless you know what you are doing.
  • .vscode if you use visual studio code.
  • public all the static files like pictures, fonts and translations.
  • client all the app code
    • client/collections minimongo collections that templates feed from
    • client/css css files.
    • client/lib semantic ui related code.
    • client/views templates, each has 2 files, html and js, a handlebar template and associated logic.
      • client/views/commons all the re-used templates
      • client/views/pages all the templates matching a route in router.js
      • client/views/topbar the fixed menu on top of the app
      • client/views/sidebar the sidebar menu

Common Issues

If you are using windows, the meteor npm seems to be buggy at times. You can try using the normal npm instead if you have that installed.

After each meteor or package.json update, you will need to re-run meteor npm install

For any help, feel free to join us in our Discord Channel


If you want to contribute to the project, please read this page.