Presentation about BackboneJS for DublinJS (first part).
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  1. Talk about
  • What is backbone
  • MVC for client side JS. Bit different than the normal MVC pattern
  • what are the core classes
  • Any dependancies
  • underscore, something to do Ajax
  • Some history
  • Who made it
  • Is it gaining traction
  • Where is it being used
  1. Get set up
  • Download the framework from Github:
  • install node - Macports, homebrew
  • install express with npm (within the framework directory)
  • start server (within framework dir)
  • open: framework/public/js/script.js
  1. Make a model
  • What can we do with it?
  • show the get, set and has methods
  • show how we can set defaults
  1. Make a view for that model
  • root element, class
  • the template: property. Show how we can use this
  • the initialize function, what it does
  • the render method, what it does
  • show in the console how we can render a view in the dom
  1. Make a collection
  • start the server and fetch from it
  • show how we have retreived the data from the server
  1. Write a view for the collection
  • give it a root element directly from the DOM
  • give it an initialize function and a render finction
  • in render, iterate through the models in the collection, give them each a view, and call render on each one
  1. Bootstrap

  2. Bind an event callback to one of the models

  • add the callback in initialize
  • change the model data in the console and see the view update
  1. ???

  2. profit