arcBlocks: C++ standard library extensions and UI building blocks for apps and games
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arcBlocks: C++ standard library extensions and UI Building Blocks for apps and games
by David Tulga

arcBlocks is a suite of open source libraries designed to help speed up C++ app development
by providing a wide variety of standard library extensions (arc), along with a set of
UI building blocks (Blocks). The only dependencies are C++11 and the open-source graphics
library SDL for the UI functions. See:

Some of the primary modules in arc provide:

Automatic memory management/copy-on-write
Command-line argument parsing
File/path/directory access
Threading and syncronization
2D graphics rendering and user input (using SDL) See:
Audio playback (using SDL_mixer) See:

And the Blocks suite includes:

Static, dynamic, animated, and expanding visuals
Multi-frame visuals, buttons
UI Layouts
Scene handling
Sound playback
Pixel text rendering
Collision detection
Scrolling and parallax scrolling
Procedural level generation
Blocks manager which handles connections between block events and actions

NOTE: The arcBlocks suite is in beta, and while many parts are tested and functional,
there are many unimplemented functions and this code is not guaranteed to work in all situations.

See the LICENSE file for the complete legal license for this code.