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Team Process Dashboard

The Process Dashboard is a project planning and tracking tool for agile, high-maturity teams.

The Process Dashboard supports a bottom-up planning approach in which individual team members are empowered to plan, track, and manage the project:

  • Each team member has a personal project plan which they fully own and manage. These personal plans provide immediate, continual feedback that help an individual to visualize their personal progress and predict whether they are on track to meet team commitments.
  • The team plan is computed as a rollup of these personal plans. This distributed planning approach allows the team plan to be much more granular, and more accurate, than a traditional top-down plan owned by a project manager.

This project management methodology comes from the Team Software Process(SM), which was developed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Teams using this approach have achieved remarkable performance in cost, schedule, and quality. Although originally created for software teams, it has proven to be useful for teams doing any type of knowledge work.

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Project planning and tracking app for agile, high-maturity teams






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