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Add Wallrunning

Setting up the area in radiant:

  • First, map a wall where you want the player to run on. It must be a solid surface.
  • Next, place another brush on the strip you want the player to run on. This brush must be a trigger_multiple. Note: your brush must be thick enough to hold the player to properly register.
  • Next set the targetname KVP on the brush to wallrun_trigger
  • Next, open your mapname.gsc in usermaps/mapname/scripts/zm
  • In the main function add the following:
// Wallrunning
SetDvar( "wallrun_enabled", 1 );
// Enable segments
level thread setup_wallrun();

Then add these three functions outside your main:

function setup_wallrun()
	players = GetPlayers();
	foreach(player in players)
		player AllowWallRun(false);
		player.iswallrunning = false;

	wallrun_trigger = GetEntArray("wallrun_trigger", "targetname");
	foreach(trig in wallrun_trigger)
		trig thread wallrun_logic();

function wallrun_logic()
		self waittill("trigger", player);
			player thread enable_wallrun(self);

function enable_wallrun(trig)
	self endon("death");
	self endon("disconnect");

	self.iswallrunning = true;
	while(self IsTouching(trig))
		self AllowWallRun(true);
	self.iswallrunning = false;
	self AllowWallRun(false);

Save and close, rebuild the map. You can now use wallrunning.


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