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SETools - Maya (v3.1.3)

A .SE format import / export plugin for Maya (2014+)

(Maya 2012 works, however some animations have interpolation bugs due to an unfixed Maya bug)

.SE formats are open-sourced formats optimized for next-generation modeling and animation. They are free to be used in any project, game, software, etc with the hopes that people will adapt the standard unlike other formats available.


Download the latest seanim.py, semodel.py and SEToolsPlugin.py from the repo and save them in the following directory depending on your OS and Maya version:

  • 32bit Windows: C:\Program Files(x86)\AutoDesk\Maya-ver\bin\plug-ins\
  • 64bit Windows: C:\Program Files\AutoDesk\Maya-ver\bin\plug-ins\

Next, you must open the plugin manager using Window->Settings/Preferences->Plugin Manager once there find SEToolsPlugin.py and check off the following:

  • Loaded (Loads the plugin)
  • Auto load (Loads the plugin every launch)


Replace the files in the correct directory from the installation section with the new ones AND delete all of the .pyc files. Go to "SE Tools->Reload" Plugin to finish. If an error occurs, you must simply reload Maya.



  • To import an anim use "SE Tools -> Import SEAnim File" or drag and drop a file, this will import an anim onto an already binded scene.
  • To export, either select the bones to use (or select none for all), set the end scene time to the animation end time, then use "SE Tools -> Export SEAnim File" this will export the animation to a .seanim file.
  • To place a notetrack use "SE Tools -> Edit Notetracks" this will open a menu for editing notetracks and removing them.


  • To import a model use "SE Tools -> Import SEModel File" or drag and drop a file, this will import a binded model with it's materials.



  • Tweaks to semodel.py in preparation for exporting SEModels


  • Validate faces before import to please Maya


  • Fixed SEAnim file import


  • SEModel importer (Preview)


  • Remove namespaces on joints when exporting


  • Use specific identity quaternion to prevent issues with other APIs


  • Completely new notetrack system, allows for complete, unmodified names
  • New notetrack edit interface


  • Fixed possible crash when animating a bone


  • Tweaked reset code to only reset joints which have saved reset data


  • Complete plugin rewrite
  • Faster import and export
  • New import animation at current scene time
  • Preparation for SEModel import and export
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Removed 'Game Specific Tools' (Call of Duty weapon binder is now in CodMayaTools!)
  • All new debug information in log for easy debugging of import issues and conflicts
  • Save and restores scene settings on import
  • Fixed SETools sometimes trying to load other file formats


  • Ignore notetracks with no name


  • Updated seanim.py to latest version (v1.1.0) which fixes animations with exactly 255 frames.


  • Ignore bones with the same name (When SETools can't decide which bone to animate)
  • Ignored bone is printed to the console (No crash)


  • Fixed support for conversion rigs


  • Support for keyframe cache, which won't fully delete keyframes
  • To clear cached keyframes use 'SE Tools->Clear Curves'
  • This allows for support for copying keyframes and pasting them later


  • Rewrite of CleanNote names for better support
  • Update to newest seanim.py (You MUST update this file!)


  • Support for SEAnimType.Additive
  • New utilities for selecting bones (All / Keyed)
  • Annotations for all commands
  • Updated 'Merge' command to it's proper name, 'Blend'


  • Workaround for notetrack names that share Maya reserved keywords


  • Ensure that we have at least 1 frame when loading


  • Ensure that we have at least 1 progress step when loading


  • Added a manual reset scene button (Importing a new anim will still reset the scene like normal)


  • Fixed an issue which messed up saving animations.
  • Made SEAnimUndo persist between saving, allowing for importing again when re-opening a Maya scene.
  • General curve fixes


  • Attempts to reset the rotations when binding gun to hands


  • Catched an error that would happen when importing several animations


  • Fixed a slight rotation issue


  • Fixed an issue with Maya 2012 animation resetting
  • Fixed plugin changing angle units


  • Added support for merging (combining) animations on import via SE Tools->Import and Merge
  • Better support for undoing the scene, smoother, faster
  • Better error handling


  • Bug fix for new scenes and old animation caches


  • Better error logging


  • Changed a few names to avoid a stupid Maya cache issue


  • NOTICE: New install method, please completely remove the old SETools from scripts / usersetup.mel then follow the new install instructions!
  • Rewrite of import system
  • About 5x faster on import
  • Drag and drop enabled
  • Anim merge support
  • Destructor arrays
  • Bug fixes


  • Fix in seanim.py for scale export!


  • Simplified import and export
  • Fixed framerate and end scene time when exporting anims
  • Fixed another bug on import
  • Added place notetrack feature
  • Cleaned up codebase
  • Added support for bone scale keys
  • Exporting progress bar
  • Ensured that the scene is in se format units (CM)
  • Requires updated seanim.py!