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Sekritz - a simple password safe

This is a simple password safe I hacked together in a few minutes. It uses the ruby-gpgme library and your GPG keys to encrypt and decrypt a key-value store of passwords.

Using sekritz

$ sekritz 
  sekritz [OPTION...] key                 Simple Password Safe

  -a, --add      add or update the values for the given keys
  -l, --list     list all passwords stored by sekrit
  -d, --delete   deletes the password for the given key
  -h, --help     display this help message
  -p, --print    print the password for the given key (default)

Adding passwords

$ sekritz --add root
Password added.

Retrieving passwords

$ sekritz root
$ sekritz --list
root: god
user: password

Note that gpg-agent will prompt you to enter the passphrase for your GPG key to decrypt the password safe for all of the above commands.


While sekritz stores your passwords in an encrypted file, it doesn't do anything special to make sure that your passwords cannot be retrieved from memory after using sekritz. If you're paranoid then you should probably be using a real password safe - this is just something I hacked together very quickly.