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<h2>What is the Snap Framework?</h2>
<p><img class="small-logo" src="/media/img/logo-small.png" /><strong>Snap</strong> is a simple web development framework for unix
systems, written in the <a href="">Haskell</a>
programming language.
<strong>Snap</strong> aims to be the <i>de facto</i> web toolkit
for Haskell, on the basis of:
<li>High performance</li>
<li>High design standards</li>
<li>Simplicity and ease of use, even for Haskell beginners</li>
<li>Excellent documentation</li>
<li>Robustness and high test coverage</li>
<h2>What is the project's status?</h2>
The first developer prerelease of the Snap framework is available
now. It contains only the Snap core system, namely:
<li>A fast HTTP server library with an optional high-concurrency
backend using
the <a href="">libev</a>
event loop library.</li>
<li>A sensible and clean monad for web programming.</li>
<li>an XML-based templating system for generating HTML that allows
you to bind Haskell functionality to XML tags without getting
PHP-style tag soup all over your pants</li>
Higher-level facilities for building web applications (like
user/session management, component interfaces, data modeling, etc.)
are planned but not yet implemented, so this release will mostly be
of interest to those who:
need a fast and minimal HTTP API at roughly the same level of
abstraction as Java servlets, or
are interested in contributing to the Snap Framework
Snap runs on *nix platforms; it has been tested on Linux and Mac OSX
Snow Leopard. Windows support was added more recently, but it not
as well-tested.
</div><!--end about-->
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<div id="developers" >
<h2>Who's involved?</h2>
<strong><a href="">Gregory
Collins</a></strong> is a programmer from Toronto, Canada. He holds
an MSc in Computer Science from Yale University and he works
at <a title="Sysomos - Social Media Monitoring and Analytics"
href="">Sysomos</a>, a social media
analytics startup.
<strong><a href="">Doug
Beardsley</a></strong> loves Haskell and has been playing with
Haskell web development since 2008. He currently works for a
finance company doing Haskell development.
<strong><a href="">Shu-yu Guo</a></strong>
is a PhD student in programming languages and compilers
at <a href="">UCLA</a>. He is also an
unaccomplished linguist and a professional StarCraft
<strong><a href="">James
Sanders</a></strong> has been in the web development game for over
six years. He works
at <a href="">Medium</a>. You can e-mail
at <a href=""></a>.
</div><!--end developers-->
<h2>Contacting us</h2>
<li><b>IRC:</b> You can discuss snap in the
<a target="_blank"
channel on the <a href="">freenode</a> IRC
<li><b>Email:</b> join
our <a href="">mailing
</div><!--end mailing list -->
</div><!--end inner-->
</div><!--end project-status-->
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