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<h2>Installing Snap</h2>
<p>Snap is written in the <a href="">Haskell</a>
programming language, and requires
the <a href="">GHC</a> Haskell
<p>The easiest way to get Snap is with Haskell's
<a href="">Cabal</a> package manager. If
you already have Cabal set up, then getting Snap should be as simple
as running two commands:</p>
<pre class="code">$ cabal update
$ cabal install snap-server</pre>
<p>If you don't have <tt>GHC</tt> and <tt>cabal</tt> installed, the
easiest way to get them is with
the <a href="">Haskell Platform</a>
binary installer.</p>
<p>After Snap is installed, check out the <a href="/docs/quickstart">quick
start</a> for instructions on getting your project started.</p>
<p>We have set up
a <a href="">continuous
integration server</a> to track the progress of our development. The
buildbot also builds an up-to-date version of the Snap haddocks if
you want to follow along with our git master branch.</p>
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<h2>Snap Packages</h2>
<p>Snap is made up of three separate packages:</p>
<div id="packages">
<dd>Core type definitions (<tt>Snap</tt> monad, HTTP types, etc) and
utilities for web
handlers. <br/><span class="linklist">
[ <a href="/docs/latest/snap-core/index.html"
>api docs</a> |
<a href=""
>hackage</a> |
<a href=""
>github</a> |
<a href="/docs/snap-core-hpc/hpc_index.html"
>test coverage report</a> ]</span></dd>
<dd>An iteratee-based HTTP server library, which runs <tt>Snap</tt> web
handlers. <br/><span class="linklist">
[ <a href="/docs/latest/snap-server/index.html"
>api docs</a> |
<a href=""
>hackage</a> |
<a href=""
>github</a> |
<a href="/docs/snap-server-hpc/hpc_index.html"
>test coverage report</a> ]</span></dd>
<dt>heist <strong>(experimental)</strong></dt>
<dd>An xhtml-based templating engine, allowing Haskell functions to be
bound to XML tags. <br/><span class="linklist">
[ <a href="/docs/latest/heist/index.html" >api docs</a> |
<a href=""
>hackage</a> |
<a href=""
>github</a> |
<a href="/docs/heist-hpc/hpc_index.html"
>test coverage report</a> ]</span></dd>
<dt>snap-website </dt>
<dd>The source code for this website is a good example of
Snap in action. <br/><span class="linklist">
[ <a href=""
>github</a> ]</span></dd>
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