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[ ] OpenFeint for Android.
[ ] Game Center Compatibility. (ios)
[ ] Custom initial configurations.
[ ] Support Game Center. (ios)
[ ] GREE Platform. (ios)
[ ] GREE Platform. (android)
[ ] Activity indicator for Android.
[ ] In the specified location display activity indicator.
[ ] Alert view for Android.
[ ] OpenUDID for Android.
[ ] openURL() for Android.
[ ] showWebPopup/cancelWebPopup, Creates a web popup that loads a local or remote web page.
void CCNative::showWebPopup(const char* url);
void CCNative::showWebPopup(const char* url, const CCRect& rect);
void CCNative::cancelWebPopup(void);
[ ] newVideo, Returns a video object.
CCNativeVideo* CCNative::newVideo(const char* filename, const CCRect& rect);
void CCNativeVideo::seek(float time);
void CCNativeVideo::play(void);
void CCNativeVideo::pause(void);
float CCNativeVideo::getTotalTime(void);
float CCNativeVideo::getCurrentTime(void);
bool CCNativeVideo::getIsMuted(void);
void CCNativeVideo::setIsMuted(bool isMuted);
void CCNativeVideo::addEventListenerLua(LUA_FUNCTION listener); // ready, ended
[ ] CCNetworkDelegate, notify the delegate when the network state has changed.
[X] Makes an asynchronous HTTP request.
[ ] Verify receipt by the server. (ios)
[ ] Google Play IAP. (android)