@AmirAbrams AmirAbrams released this Feb 19, 2019 · 1 commit to v2.4-WIP-BDAP since this release

Add the following to your dynamic.conf file:

*** Virustotal results: 0 / 54

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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Sep 21, 2018 · 9 commits to master since this release

Dynamic v2.3.5.0

  • Fix crash bug with duplicate inputs within a transaction
  • Reduces memory usage and blockchain size on disk
  • Bump client version to v2.3.5 and minimum protocol version to 70800 (v2.2)
  • [Fluid] Refactor fluid code and remove index database
  • [Fluid] Add mining update and mint leveldb databases
  • [Fluid] Implement new fluid databases
  • [Fluid] Fix get fluid sovereigns RPC
  • [Fluid] Fixes to get last functions and RPC commands
  • [Fluid] Fix consensus issues with new db code
  • Update changelog and cleanup fluid to do lists/comments
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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Aug 27, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

Dynamic v2.3.0.0

Skip existing Dynodes connections on mixing
Protect CKeyHolderStorage via mutex
Fix Boost 1.66 Compatibility
Net Overhaul and BTC Inlining
Bump Versions/Protocol (Updated Dynodes must get a fresh "Start" Signal with the new Binaries)
Update Tests
util: Add ParseUInt32 and ParseUInt64
[RPC] getmempoolancestors/getmempooldescendants
[RPC] setnetworkactive
httpserver: drop boost
Deprecate GetWork()
[Fluid] Update sovereign identities addresses for testnet
Update guiutil.cpp
[RPC] Fix gettxout
Update ReadBlockFromDisk
Fix Fluid Check
First version of Debian build howto
Formatting fixes, corrections
Removed exec flags where unneeded
trivial: remove unnecessary variable fDaemon
Fix some locks in net_processing.cpp
Tiny cleanup in
Fix init segfault where InitLoadWallet() calls ATMP before genesis
remove new int and make i an unsigned int to supress build warning
fix op order to append first alert
Remove recommendedMinimum from SetMaxOutboundTarget
[init, wallet] ParameterInteraction() if wallet enabled
Specify Protobuf version 2 in paymentrequest.proto
net: fix maxuploadtarget setting
Trivial: UndoReadFromDisk works on undo files (rev), not on block files
Move static global randomizer seeds into CConnman
[init] Get rid of some ENABLE_WALLET
Remove last reference to CWalletDB from accounting_tests.cpp/Remove pwalletdb parameter from CWallet::AddAccountingEntry/Add CWallet::ReorderTransactions and use in accounting_tests.cpp/Add CWallet::ListAccountCreditDebit
[Qt] RPC-Console: support nested commands and simple value queries
[Wallet] remove unused ThreadFlushWalletDB from removeprunedfunds
init: Get rid of fDisableWallet
[qt] WalletModel: Expose disablewallet
Do not set an addr time penalty when a peer advertises itself.
Check for high-entropy ASLR
Move AutoBackup initialization into CWallet::InitAutoBackup
[mempool] Fix relaypriority calculation error
[depends] Fix Qt compilation with Xcode 8
[rpc] throw JSONRPCError when utxo set can not be read
Remove unused statements in serialization
dynamicd: Daemonize using daemon(3)
Decouple GetConfigFile and ReadConfigFile from global mapArgs
deprecate begin/end ptrs
net: fix a few cases where messages were sent rather than dropped upon disconnection
Trivial: RPC: getblockchaininfo help: pruneheight is the lowest, not highest, block
Sync dynamic-tx with tx version policy
RPC: Chainparams: Remove Chainparams::fTestnetToBeDeprecatedFieldRPC
Kill insecure_random and associated global state
Cleanup enums in protocol.h
Add preciousblock RPC
Report NodeId in misbehaving debug
Remove InsecureRand
Fix logging in PushInventory
Actually honor fMiningRequiresPeers in getblocktemplate
Remove extern
Bump LevelDB/UniValue/secp256k1 versions
RPC changeover to JSONRPCRequest
Qt refactors to better abstract wallet access
[RPC] Add ImportMulti
[RPC] importmulti: Avoid using boost::variant::operator!=, which is only in newer boost versions
Move coincontrol.h to walletfolder
Remove unnecessary function prototypes
Eliminating Inconsistencies in Textual Output
Make connect=0 disable automatic outbound connections.
Repair rpc_wallet_tests.cpp and remove unused variable in coins_tests.cpp to remove build warning
Repair final instance of mem pool to mempool
[RPC] Remove invalid explanation from wallet fee message
Return useful error message on ATMP failure/Deprecate Test
Fix Build Warnings
[Qt] overhaul smart-fee slider, adjust default confirmation target
keypoololdest denote Unix epoch, not GMT
[qt] Return useful error message on ATMP failure
Store mempool and prioritization data to disk
Throw exception in gobject prepare when CommitTransaction fails
Move CWalletDB::ReorderTransactions to CWallet
[rpc] ParseHash: Fail when length is not 64
Trivial: Explicitly pass const CChainParams& to LoadBlockIndexDB()
[Wallet] Refactor wallet/init interaction (Reaccept wtx, flush thread)
Declare wallet.h functions inline
net: make a few values immutable, and use deterministic randomness for the localnonce
Add common failure cases for rpc server connection failure
Remove unused CTxOut::GetHash()
new var DIST_CONTRIB adds useful things for packagers from contrib/ to EXTRA_DIST
Use RelevantServices instead of node_network in AttemptToEvict and cleanup NodeEvictionCandidate
Allow filterclear messages for enabling TX relay only.
Use nPowTargetSpacing in SendCoinsDialog::updateGlobalFeeVariables
qt: Use correct conversion function for boost::path datadir
Hash P2P messages as they are received instead of at process-time
Addition of mining tab
Initialize variable to prevent compiler warning
fix getnettotals RPC description about timemillis
Remove redundant duplicate-input check from CheckTransaction
Serialization simplification/optimisation
fNetworkActive is not protected by a lock, use an atomic
Unset fImporting for loading mempool
net: don't send feefilter messages before the version handshake is complete
Remove block-request logic from INV message processing
[Qt] fix coincontrol sort issue
getrawtransaction should take a bool for verbose
Move -salvagewallet, -zap(wtx) to where they belong
Do not fully sort all nodes for addr relay
fix CreateTransaction error messages
Add check to IsCollateralValid
Credit should be CAmount
Update bench.cpp
remove unnecessary calls to CheckFinalTx
Split up AppInit2 into multiple phases
Daemonize after datadir lock
Get rid of fServer flag
Trivial refactor: Remove extern keyword from function declarations, as they are extern by default.
SendMoney: use already-calculated balance
Disable fee estimates for a confirm target of 1 block
Return txid even if ATMP fails for new transaction
Do not run functions with necessary side-effects in assert()
Use EXIT_FAILURE when calling exit()
Stop DynodeBroadcast::Relay() when not synced
Add missing locks to dynode.cpp
Move over to Sentinel Ping from Watchdog
Remove zero-fee transactions as an option
Update miningpage for out of sync situation + add tooltips
Add Sexy Sliders
Remove unused declaration in dynodeman.cpp
Add check to ensure that generatetoaddress doesn't function on Main or TestNet
[Miner] check for dynode sync before mining
Hash Rate Widget for Mining Page
[Dynode] Remove lock in ReadBlockFromDisk
Initial complete Korean translation added
add include to enable wallet to be built disabled
Fix Unlocking Error When Mixing
Refactor and fix restart
Fix segfault crash when shutdown the GUI in disablewallet mode
Increase mempool expiry time to 2 weeks
[CoinControl] Allow non-wallet owned change addresses
Allow shutdown during LoadMempool, dump only when necessary
Add IsArgSet, ForceSetArg, ForceSetMultiArgs, ForceRemoveArg & new critical section
[bugfix] save feeDelta instead of priorityDelta in DumpMempool
Add missing mempool lock for CalculateMemPoolAncestors
Qt/Intro: Various fixes
[net]Fix close socket loop
Bugfix: ancestor modifed fees were incorrect for descendants
Fix Dynode List
Remove some locking in net.h/net.cpp
Fix connectivity check in CActiveDynode::ManageStateInitial
Force Dynodes to have listen=1 and maxconnections to be at least DEFAULT_MAX_PEER_CONNECTIONS
fix SelectCoinsByDenominations
[Init] Avoid segfault when called with -enableinstantsend=0
Use correct version for fee estimates db
Fix args throughout wallet
Remove AddRef call in CNode constructor and do AddRef in AcceptConnection
Fix races, clean up args, move wallet backup dir check to wallet.cpp
Added check for open() returning a NULL pointer.
Limit IS quorums by updated DNs only
Fix nStart warning and actually use it
Fix LevelDB warning in leveldb/util/
Update univalue and secp256k1 libraries (June 2018)
Bump dynodeman versionCDynodeMan-Version to 2
Bump CGovernanceManager version to 23 to signify v2.3
Change DyNode to DynodeMode to avoid confusion
[BDAP] Increase OP_RETURN relay size for larger DAP entries
[Fluid] Fix getfluidhistoryraw RPC command
[Fluid] Fix getfluidsovereigns RPC command
[Fluid] Allow negative fluid minting amounts
fix copy address, issue 157
Privatesend->PrivateSend Instantsend->InstantSend
Identified and Fixed many issues with Korean Translations.
Update dynamic_find_bdb48.m4
[Fluid] Fix send fluid tx display in Qt UI
Inline Argon2d code with commit fba7b9a
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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Apr 3, 2018 · 390 commits to master since this release

Crash fix for v2.2.0.0

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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Jan 4, 2018 · 395 commits to master since this release

Dynamic v2.2.0.0

  • Add dynamic address label to request payment QR code
  • [RPC] Fix createrawtx sequence number unsigned int parsing
  • [Qt] Bump to Qt5.6.1
  • Stop treating importaddress'ed scripts as change
  • inline further with bitcoin
  • increase connection limits for outbound
  • Remove old unused function
  • [Qt] Add dbcache migration path
  • util: Update tinyformat
  • net: Ignore P2P messages
  • Mempool: Use Consensus::CheckTxInputs direclty over main::CheckInputs
  • [Wallet] Remove CWalletDB* parameter from CWallet::AddToWallet
  • Make CWallet::fFileBacked private
  • Clean up init of wallet
  • Update Copyrights
  • Bump Version and Copyright Year
  • Update Proto Version
  • Update secp256k1
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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Jan 3, 2018 · 417 commits to master since this release

Dynamic v2.1.0.0

  • [Trivial] Shift non-Fluid specific operations to seperate file
  • [Script] Remove OPCODES from non-existent features
  • Add tags to mempool's mapTx indices
  • remove unused NOBLKS_VERSION_{START,END} constants
  • mempool: Re-remove ERROR logging for mempool rejects
  • [Wallet] move wallet help string creation to CWallet
  • Move GetTempPath() to testutil
  • [Wallet] move 'load wallet phase' to CWallet
  • use cached block hash in blockToJSON()
  • [wallet] Move hardcoded file name out of log messages
  • Mempool: Add tracking of ancestor packages
  • De-neuter NODE_BLOOM
  • Improve COutPoint less operator
  • Correct importaddress help reference to importpubkey
  • Implement feefilter P2P message
  • Bump Versioning
  • Prevent multiple calls to CWallet::AvailableCoins
  • [RPC] Add generatetoaddress rpc to mine to an address
  • Fix calculation of balances and available coins.
  • Fix lockunspent help message
  • [RPC] add missing abandon status documentation
  • [RPC] Add import/removeprunedfunds rpc call
  • [RPC] Rename dynodeprivkey->Dynode Pairing Key
  • P2P: add maxtimeadjustment command line option
  • dynodeprivkey->dynodepairingkey
  • [Qt] remove trailing output-index from transaction-id
  • [build-aux] Update Boost & check macros to latest serials
  • Strip colour profiles from png's
  • rpc: Register calls where they are defined
  • [Wallet] refactor wallet/init interaction
  • RPC: fix generatetoaddress failing to parse address and add unit test
  • Fix no-wallet build after backports refactored RPCs
  • Net: Add IPv6 Link-Local Address Support
  • trivial: Globals: Explicitly pass const CChainParams& to ProcessMessage()
  • Clean up lockorder data of destroyed mutexes
  • Refactor IsRBFOptIn, avoid exception
  • Only send one GetAddr response per connection.
  • crypto: bytes counts are 64 bit
  • Add missing new line
  • Speed up getchaintips.
  • Clean up warning/error handling
  • qt: Add transaction hash to details window title & make it possible to show details of multiple transactions
  • Log invalid block hash to make debugging easier.
  • chain: define enum used as bit field as uint32_t
  • Return from main instead of calling exit()
  • tinyformat: force USE_VARIADIC_TEMPLATES
  • util: switch LogPrint and error to variadic templates
  • [trivial] Add missing const qualifiers.
  • Create signmessagewithprivkey
  • Improve rolling bloom filter performance and benchmark
  • Fix insanity of CWalletDB::WriteTx and CWalletTx::WriteToDisk
  • fReopenDebugLog and fRequestShutdown should be type sig_atomic_t
  • Use SipHash-2-4 for various non-cryptographic hashes
  • remove unneeded declaration and standardise
  • Fix Socks5() connect failures to be less noisy and less unnecessarily scary
  • [Wallet] Improve Wallet encapsulation
  • remove unneeded logging
  • Change mapRelay to store CTransactions
  • Do not use mempool for GETDATA for tx accepted after the last mempool request
  • Directly push messages instead of using CDataStream first
  • Only use AddInventoryKnown for transactions
  • Use std::atomic for fRequestShutdown and fReopenDebugLog
  • Prevent multiple calls to ExtractDestination
  • replace mapNextTx with slimmer setSpends
  • Put back generation commands and implement Account Move
  • Log/report in 10% steps during VerifyDB
  • [RPC] Add support for sequence number
  • Disable the mempool P2P command when bloom filters disabled
  • Addrman offline attempts
  • tor: Change auth order to only use HASHEDPASSWORD if -torpassword
  • Remove CLIENT_DATE
  • Remove unnecessary call to AddInventoryKnown in INV message handling
  • Fix crash on exit when -createwalletbackups=0
  • introduced a fix for a instant send related edge case. Somehow the parameters got mixed up and fUseInstantSend was passed as iterations
  • Add dynamic address label to request payment QR code
  • [Qt] Bump to Qt5.6.1
  • Stop treating importaddress'ed scripts as change
  • increase connection limits for outbound
  • Fix calls to AcceptToMemoryPool in PS submodules
  • Improve handling of unconnecting headers
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@SvenKercher SvenKercher released this Dec 18, 2017 · 514 commits to master since this release

Dynamic v2.0.0.0

  • Fix Network Time Protocol (NTP)
  • Introduce, OP_MINT, OP_REWARD_DYNODE and OP_REWARD_MINING opcode for Fluid Protocol
  • Add string generation/parsing system to generate tokens for Fluid Protocol
  • Set authentication keys for token generation to statically-defined addresses
  • Update CBlockIndex and CChain models for storing Fluid Protocol derived variables
  • Allow opcodes to carry token instruction and to detect tokens
  • Implement derivation of token data into datasets
  • Derive parameters (One-Time Reward, Dynode & PoW Reward) from datasets
  • Implement token-history indexing and prevent replay attacks
  • Change statically-defined addresses to identity-derived addresses (dynamic)
  • Introduce RPC Calls maketoken, getrawpubkey, burndynamic, sendfluidtransaction, signtoken, consenttoken, verifyquorum, fluidcommandshistory, getfluidsovereigns
  • Update secp256k1
  • Remove block 300,000 fork data
  • New Hash Settings
  • Amend CPU Core Count
  • Revert/Update and Strip Argon2d code
  • Update LevelDB to 1.20
  • Add Dynode checks to prevent payments until 500 are active
  • Reduce nPowTargetTimespan to 1920 seconds
  • Reduce nMinerConfirmationWindow to 30 blocks
  • [Qt] Reduce a significant cs_main lock freeze
  • remove InstantSend votes for failed lock attemts after some timeout
  • Fix dnp relay bug
  • fix trafficgraphdatatests for qt4
  • Fix edge case for IS (skip inputs that are too large)
  • allow up to 40 chars in proposal name
  • Multiple Fixes/Implement connman broadly
  • Add more logging for DN votes and DNs missing votes
  • Remove bogus assert on number of oubound connections.
  • update nCollateralMinConfBlockHash for local (hot) dynode on dn start
  • Fix sync reset on lack of activity
  • fix nLastWatchdogVoteTime updates
  • Fix bug: nCachedBlockHeight was not updated on start
  • Fix compilation with qt < 5.2
  • RPC help formatting updates
  • Relay govobj and govvote to every compatible peer, not only to the one with the same version
  • remove send addresses from listreceivedbyaddress output
  • Remove cs_main from ThreadDnbRequestConnections
  • do not calculate stuff that are not going to be visible in simple PSUI anyway & fix fSkipUnconfirmed
  • Keep track of wallet UTXOs and use them for PS balances and rounds calculations
  • speedup MakeCollateralAmounts by skiping denominated inputs early
  • Reduce min relay tx fee
  • more vin -> outpoint in dynode rpc output
  • Move some (spamy) CDynodeSync log messages to new log category
  • Eliminate g_connman use in InstantSend module.
  • Remove some recursive locks
  • Fix dynode score/rank calculations (#1620)
  • InstandSend overhaul & TXMempool Fixes
  • fix TrafficGraphData bandwidth calculation
  • Fix losing keys on PrivateSend
  • Refactor dynode management
  • Multiple Selection for peer and ban tables
  • qt: Fixing division by zero in time remaining
  • [qt] sync-overlay: Don't show progress twice
  • qt: Plug many memory leaks
  • [GUI] Backport Bitcoin Qt/Gui changes up to 0.14.x
  • Fix Unlocked Access to vNodes
  • Fix Sync
  • Fix empty tooltip during sync under specific conditions
  • fix SPORK_5_INSTANTSEND_MAX_VALUE validation in CWallet::CreateTransaction
  • Eliminate g_connman use in spork module.
  • Use connman passed to ThreadSendAlert() instead of g_connman global.
  • Fix duplicate headers download in initial sync
  • fix off-by-1 in CSuperblock::GetPaymentsLimit
  • fix number of blocks to wait after successful mixing tx
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7868: net: Split DNS resolving functionality out of net structures
  • net: require lookup functions to specify all arguments to make it clear where DNS resolves are happening
  • net: manually resolve dns seed sources
  • net: resolve outside of storage structures
  • net: disable resolving from storage structures
  • net: No longer send local address in addrMe
  • safe version of GetDynodeByRank
  • Do not add random inbound peers to addrman.
  • Partially backport Bitcoin PR#9626: Clean up a few CConnman cs_vNodes/CNode things
  • Delete some unused (and broken) functions in CConnman
  • Ensure cs_vNodes is held when using the return value from FindNode
  • Use GetAdjustedTime instead of GetTime when dealing with network-wide timestamps
  • slightly refactor CPSNotificationInterface
  • drop dynode index
  • drop pCurrentBlockIndex and use cached block height instead (nCachedBlockHeight)
  • add/use GetUTXO[Coins/Confirmations] helpers instead of GetInputAge[InstantSend]
  • net: Consistently use GetTimeMicros() for inactivity checks
  • Fix DynodeRateCheck
  • Always good to initialise
  • Necessary split of main.h to validation.cpp/net_processing.cpp
  • Relay tx in sendrawtransaction according to its inv.type
  • Fix : Reject invalid instantsend transaction
  • fix instantsendtoaddress param convertion
  • Fix potential deadlock in CInstantSend::UpdateLockedTransaction (#1571)
  • limit UpdatedBlockTip in IBD
  • Pass reference when calling HasPayeeWithVotes
  • Sync overhaul
  • Make sure mixing messages are relayed/accepted properly
  • backport 9008: Remove assert(nMaxInbound > 0)
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#8049: Expose information on whether transaction relay is enabled in (#1545)
  • fix potential deadlock in CDynodeMan::CheckDnbAndUpdateDynodeList
  • fix potential deadlock in CGovernanceManager::ProcessVote
  • add 6 to strAllowedChars
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#8085: p2p: Begin encapsulation
  • change invalid version string constant
  • Added feeler connections increasing good addrs in the tried table.
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#8113: Rework addnode behaviour (#1525)
  • Fix vulnerability with mapDynodeOrphanObjects
  • Remove bad chain alert partition check
  • Fix potential deadlocks in InstantSend
  • fix CDSNotificationInterface::UpdatedBlockTip signature to match the one in CValidationInterface
  • fix a bug in CommitFinalTransaction
  • fixed potential deadlock in CSuperblockManager::IsSuperblockTriggered
  • Fix issues with mapSeenGovernanceObjects
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#8084: Add recently accepted blocks and txn to AttemptToEvictConnection
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7906: net: prerequisites for p2p encapsulation changes
  • fix race that could fail to persist a ban
  • Remove non-determinism which is breaking net_tests
  • Implement BIP69 outside of CTxIn/CTxOut
  • fix MakeCollateralAmounts
  • Removal of Unused Files and CleanUp
  • Further fixes to PrivateSend
  • New rpc call 'dynodelist info'
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7749: Enforce expected outbound services
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7696: Fix de-serialization bug where AddrMan is corrupted after exception
  • Fixed issues with propagation of governance objects and update governance
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7458 : [Net] peers.dat, banlist.dat recreated when missing
  • Backport Bitcoin PR#7350: Banlist updates
  • Replace watchdogs with ping
  • Update timedata.h
  • Trivial Fixes
  • Eliminate unnecessary call to CheckBlock
  • PrivateSend: dont waste keys from keypool on failure in CreateDenominated
  • Refactor PS and fix minor build issues preventing Travis-CI from completing previously
  • Fix Governance Test File
  • Increase test coverage for addrman and addrinfo
  • Backport Bitcoin PRs #6589, #7180 and remaining part of #7181
  • Don't try to create empty datadir before the real path is known
  • Documentation: Add spork message / details to protocol-documentation
  • Validate proposals on prepare and submit
  • Fix signal/slot in GUI
  • Fix PS/IS/Balance display in SendCoinsDialog
  • Make CBlockIndex param const
  • Explicitly pass const CChainParams& to UpdateTip()
  • Change Class to Struct/Change int to unsigned int
  • Fix copy elision warning
  • Fix comparison of integers of different signs in dynodeman
  • Remove unused int
  • Drop GetDynodeByRank
  • [GUI] Remove Multiple Signatures GUI from Client
  • [DDNS] Remove DDNS and DynDNS System from Dynamic
  • Fix Conflicts/Remove Files from
  • PrivateSend Refactor
  • Enable build with --disable-wallet
  • Update Logos
  • Remove remaining usage of 'namespace std;'
  • Fix missing initializer in ntp.cpp
  • [Fluid] Add help and example to getfluidsovereigns command
  • Add undocumented -forcecompactdb to force LevelDB compactions
  • Remove ability to run Hot/Local Dynodes
  • [Fluid] Add fluid history RPC command in clear text
  • make CheckPSTXes() private, execute it on both client and server
  • Use IsPayToPublicKeyHash
  • upgrade qrencode 4.0.0
  • Amend maketoken
  • Fix SpendCoin in CCoinsViewCache
  • upgrade mac alias 2.0.1
  • upgrade ds store 1.1.2
  • Suppress warning with GenerateRandomString
  • Guard 'if' statement
  • add params.size() !=1 to maketocken in rpcfluid
  • upgrade protobuf 3.5.0
  • upgrade ccache 3.3.4
  • upgrade miniupnpc 2.0.20171102
  • upgrade xcb proto 1.12
  • upgrade xproto 7.0.31
  • upgrade libxcb 1.12
  • upgrade libXext 1.3.3
  • upgrade libX11 1.6.5
  • upgrade freetype 2.8.1
  • Update
  • upgrade expat 2.2.5
  • Fix upgrade cancel warnings
  • Force on-the-fly compaction during pertxout upgrade
  • Allow to cancel the txdb upgrade via splashscreen keypress
  • Address nits from per-utxo change
  • Simplify return values of GetCoin/HaveCoin(InCache)
  • Change semantics of HaveCoinInCache to match HaveCoin
  • Few Minor per-utxo assert-semantics re-adds and tweak
  • upgrade dbus 1.12.2
  • Don't return stale data from CCoinsViewCache::Cursor()
  • Switch chainstate db and cache to per-txout model
  • fix abs warnings
  • Change boost usage in coins.h to standard
  • remove InstantSend votes for failed lock attempts
  • Fix some empty vector references
  • Add COMPACTSIZE wrapper similar to VARINT for serialization
  • Fix: make CCoinsViewDbCursor::Seek work for missing keys
  • Simplify DisconnectBlock arguments/return value
  • Make DisconnectBlock and ConnectBlock static in validation.cpp
  • Clean up calculations of pcoinsTip memory usage
  • Compensate for memory peak at flush time
  • Plug leveldb logs to Dynamic logs
  • Add data() method to CDataStream (and use it)
  • Share unused mempool memory with coincache
  • Assert FRESH validity in CCoinsViewCache::BatchWrite
  • Fix dangerous condition in ModifyNewCoins.
  • [Fluid] Check if fluid transaction is already in the memory pool
  • boost 1.65.1
  • [test] Add CCoinsViewCache Access/Modify/Write tests
  • Batch construct batches
  • Remove undefined FetchCoins method declaration
  • Use fixed preallocation instead of costly GetSerializeSize
  • Fix OOM when deserializing UTXO entries with invalid length
  • Avoid unnecessary database access for unknown transactions
  • Use C++11 thread-safe static initializers in coins.h/coins.cpp
  • Use SipHash-2-4 for CCoinsCache index
  • Add missing int
  • Add SipHash-2-4 primitives to hash
  • Move index structures into spentindex.h
  • Break circular dependency main ↔ txdb
  • Minor changes to dbwrapper to simplify support for other databases
  • Fix assert crash in new UTXO set cursor
  • Add cursor to iterate over utxo set, use this in
  • Save the last unnecessary database read
  • fix nLastWatchdogVoteTime
  • fix Examples section of the RPC output for listreceivedbyaccount, lis…
  • [Fluid] Add fluid amount check to consensus validation
  • Allow IS for all txes, not only for txes with p2pkh and data outputs
  • add maxgovobjdatasize field to the output of getgovernanceinfo
  • [Fluid] check if exceeds maximum fluid amount and negative amount.
  • [DDNS] Remove existing dDNS code
  • Update verbiage in debug log and add missing ENABLE_WALLET comment
  • [DebugLog] Fix block reward debug output logging
  • [Fluid] Stub maximum fluid operation amounts
  • Remove extraneous LogPrint from fee estimation
  • fix a bug if the min fee is 0 for FeeFilterRounder
  • Disable fee estimates for a confirm target of 1 block
  • Remove priority estimation
  • Kill insecure_random and associated global state
  • [Fluid] Use ParseInt64 instead of new convert function
  • [Fluid] Remove fee direction
  • [Mining] Fix floating point accuracy when printing CreateNewBlock amount
  • [Fluid] Remove fluid quorumcheck from debug.log file
  • DELTA swapped for Digishield V3
  • Fixed a bug where the DAA wasn't using the parameters set in chainparams
  • Remove unused enum
  • Remove unneeded check for enum
  • Add CEO/CFO/COO/CDOO Sovereigns
  • Make sure additional indexes are recalculated correctly in VerifyDB
  • Remove global use of g_connman
  • InstantSend txes should never qualify to be 0-fee txes
  • rpc: Input-from-stdin mode for dynamic-cli
  • Move RPC dispatch table registration to wallet/rpcwallet
  • Switch to a more efficient rolling Bloom filter
  • remove cs_main lock from
  • Combine common error strings for different options so translations can be shared and reused
  • Removed comment about IsStandard for P2SH scripts
  • Fix typo, wrong information in gettxout help text.
  • amend -? help message
  • Improved readability of ApproximateBestSubset
  • [Qt] rename 'amount' to 'requested amount' in receive coins table
  • Reduce inefficiency of GetAccountAddress()
  • GUI: Disable tab navigation for peers tables.
  • limitfreerelay edge case bugfix
  • Move non-consensus functions out of pow
  • mempool: Replace maxFeeRate of (10000 x minRelayTxFee) with maxTxFee
  • Move maxTxFee out of mempool
  • include the chaintip blockindex in the SyncTransaction signal, add signal UpdateTip()
  • Common argument defaults for NODE_BLOOM stuff and -wallet
  • Move privatesend to rpcwallet.cpp
  • Optimize CheckOutpoint
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May 31, 2017
Merge pull request #271 from duality-solutions/v1.4.0.0-int_fix
Minor Warning Fixed
Apr 15, 2017
Merge pull request #219 from duality-solutions/v1.3.0.2
Minor release v1.3.0.2
Apr 4, 2017
Merge pull request #206 from duality-solutions/v1.3.0.1
Bump to V1.3.0.1 to prevent potential forks after HF