@coin-info-net coin-info-net released this Jun 4, 2017

Securely erase potentially sensitive keys/values
Fix issue where config was created at launch but not read
[BUILD] quiet annoying warnings without adding new ones
[BUILD]Fix warning deprecated in OSX Sierra
Improve EncodeBase58/DecodeBase58 performance.
Use hardware timestamps in RNG seeding
Add OSX keystroke to clear RPCConsole
Update DB_CORRUPT message
HD Wallet
Repair Traffic Graph
Scammer Warning and Translations
Do not shadow upper local variable 'send', prevent -Wshadow compiler warning
Convert last boost::scoped_ptr to std::unique_ptr
Qt: fix UI bug that could result in paying unexpected fee
Fix Locks and Do not add random inbound peers to addrman
Use std::thread::hardwarencurrency, instead of Boost, to determine available cores
Sync icon now opens modaloverlay.ui
Fix Memleak and Enforce Fix
Sort dynamic.qrc
Sort MakeFiles
Remove namespace std;/Repair Tests
Fix Signal/Slot/Strings
Implement modaloverlay
Qt: Sort transactions by date
Kill insecure_random and associated global state
Only send one GetAddr response per connection.
Refactor: Removed begin/end_ptr functions.
LevelDB 1.19
Increase context.threads to 4
Fix races
Fix calculation of number of bound sockets to use
Fix unlocked access to vNodes.size()
Move GetAccountBalance from rpcwallet.cpp into CWallet::GetAccountBalance
UpdateTip: log only one line at most per block
VerifyDB: don't check blocks that have been pruned
qt: askpassphrasedialog: Clear pass fields on accept
net: Avoid duplicate getheaders requests.
Check non-null pindex before potentially referencing
mapNextTx: use pointer as key, simplify value
Implement indirectmap.h and update memusage.h
Add/Repair LOCK's
Fix parameter naming inconsistencies
Clicking on the lock icon will open the passphrase dialog
Fix bip32_tests.cpp
Update Argon2d, hash.cpp/h
Repair SLOT issue in rpcconsole.cpp
Fix incorrect psTx usages
Fix torcontrol.cpp unused private field warning
Update Encryption(crypter.cpp/h)
Remove old HD wallet code
Move InitLoadWallet to init.cpp
Revert Tick Changes/Fix UI Thread Issue
Sentinel/Dynode Fixes
Remove unused functions/cleanup code
Reduce Keypool to 1000
Optimise Reindex
Bump Governance/InstantSend/PrivateSend/Core Proto/Versions



@coin-info-net coin-info-net released this Apr 15, 2017

[Sync] Fix issue with headers first sync
[Sync] [Consensus] Shift Fork Logic to its own file
[Qt] Add CheckForks in the Qt Project File
[Fork] Silence usage of pindex compeletely
Reduce nDefaultDbCache to 512MiB
Bump Proto and ONLY connect to (Proto 70200)
Bump Governance/Core Proto/Versions



@coin-info-net coin-info-net released this Mar 26, 2017 · 196 commits to master since this release

Make RelayWalletTransaction attempt to AcceptToMemoryPool
Update tests for Byteswap
Ensure is in valid range
Make strWalletFile const
Avoid ugly exception in log on unknown inv type
libconsensus: Add input validation of flags/missing flags & make catch() args const
Add LockedPool
Add getmemoryinfo
Add benchmark for lockedpool allocation/deallocation
trivial: fix bloom filter init to isEmpty = true
Lockedpool fixes
Improve DecodeBase58 performance.
Add #include to miner.cpp
Don't return the address of a P2SH of a P2SH
Implement (begin|end)_ptr in C++11 and add deprecation comment
add #include <stdlib.h> to random.cpp
Generate auth cookie in hex instead of base64
Do not shadow variable (multiple files)
dynamic-cli: More detailed error reporting
Add High TX Fee Warning
C++11: s/boost::scoped_ptr/std::unique_ptr/
Do not shadow variables in networking code
Remove shadowed variables in Qt files
Do not shadow LOCK's criticalblock variable for LOCK inside LOCK
Do not shadow variables in src/wallet
Berkeley DB v6 compatibility fix
Reduce default number of blocks to check at startup
Fix random segfault when closing Choose data directory dialog
Fix several node initialization issues
Improve handling of unconnecting headers
Fix DoS vulnerability in mempool acceptance
Bump default db cache to 300MiB
Fix a bug where the SplashScreen will not be hidden during startup
Stop trimming when mapTx is empty
Evict orphans which are included or precluded by accepted blocks
Reduce unnecessary hashing in signrawtransaction
Watchdog check removed until Sentinel is updated/compatible fully
Bump protocol versions to 70000
Added IPv4 seed nodes to chainparamsseeds.h

Users running encrypted wallets, unlock your wallet and dump your privkey(s) in v1.1 for your addresses:

$ ./dynamic-cli dumpprivkey [address]

Then backup your existing wallet.dat and clear the existing data directory.
Allow v1.2 to build a new wallet.dat and additional files, then import your privkey(s):

$ ./dynamic-cli importprivkey [privkey]

Dynode owners that run an Cold Dynode , have to send an new start Signal from their Controller Wallet
after upgrading the remote Dynamic daemon



@spencerlievens spencerlievens released this Mar 24, 2017 · 250 commits to master since this release

Inline with BTC 0.12
HD Wallet Code Improvements
Remove/Replace Boost usage for c++11
Do not shadow member variables in httpserver
Update dbwrapper_tests.cpp
Access WorkQueue::running only within the cs lock
Update NULL to use nullptr in GetWork & GetBlockTemplate
Few changes to governance rpc
Safety check in CInstantSend::SyncTransaction
Full path in 'failed to load cache' warnings
Refactor privateSendSigner
Net Fixes/DNS Seed Fix
Don't add non-current watchdogs to seen map
[RPC] remove the option of having multiple timer interfaces
Fix memory leak in httprpc.cpp
Make KEY_SIZE a compile-time constant

Dynode owners that run an Cold Dynode , have to send an new start Signal from their Controller Wallet
after upgrading the remote Dynamic daemon