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Extensions to the dotnet test command that enable code coverage reporting using OpenCover and a few other bonus features
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Extensions to the dotnet test command that enable code coverage reporting using OpenCover and a few other bonus features

NOTE: Due to OpenCover being Windows only, this tool will only work on Windows


  1. Run dotnet test with code coverage tracking by OpenCover
  2. Generate cobertura covberage results (useful for VSTS/TFS coverage reporting). Uses OpenCovertToCobeturaConverter
  3. Generate an HTML coverage report using ReportGenerator
  4. Discover all test projects in a folder and run tests for all of them (not natively supported by dotnet test)

The coverage and reporting tools are not bundles into this tool. They need to be installed as dependencies on the project that you're running this on.

Currently assumes the dependencies are located in %userprofile%/.nuget/packages/opencover/<versionspec>/tools/OpenCover.Console.exe %userprofile%/.nuget/packages/reportgenerator/<versionspec>/tools/ReportGenerator.exe %userprofile%/.nuget/packages/opencovertocobeturaconverter/<versionspec>/tools/OpenCoverToCoberturaConverter.exe


The tool is installed as a global dotnet tool (.net Core 2.1+)

dotnet tool install -g dotnet-testx

Nuget package:


dotnet testx --help

  --discover-projects         Discover all files in the working directory
                              matching the pattern and run tests on them. Alias
                              for '--project all'

  --project                   Project to test. If you specify 'all' then it
                              will find all projects in the folder and
                              subfolders matching '*Tests.csproj'

  --opencover-version         Optional OpenCover version.

  --html                      (Default: false) Generate an HTML report

  --browser                   (Default: false) If generating an HTML report,
                              open in the default browser

  --cobertura                 (Default: false) Generate a cobertura report

  --test-results-format       (Default: trx) The format to use for the VSTest
                              test results

  --opencover-filters         (Default: +[*]*) Filters for opencover, i.e.
                              files to include/exclude from report

  --opencover-mergeresults    (Default: true) Merge multiple runs into the same
                              results file

  --opencover-options         (Default: ) Any other options you'd like passed into OpenCover

  --verbose                   (Default: false) Log more verbose details of
                              whats happening

  --help                      Display this help screen.

  --version                   Display version information.


In .net core 2.1 onwards, you can run this as part of dotnet watch

dotnet watch requires its own project argument so it knows which files to watch

Use -- to separate dotnet watch arguments from dotnet testx arguments

dotnet watch --project [project-file] testx -- [dotnet testx arguments]

This will re-run your tests and update the coverage reports on each file change. You can then keep a browser window open and just refresh the coverage report to ensure your changes are improving coverage.

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