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param (
[String]$instanceToWarm = $(throw '-instanceToWarm is required'),
[String]$bluePort = $(throw "-bluePort is required"),
[String]$greenPort = $(throw "-greenPort is required"),
[string]$serverFarmName = $(throw '- serverFarmName is required'),
[string]$warmUpPath = $("")
# We keep making requests until the response time is less than 400ms
$minTime = 400
# Determine the port of the instance we want to warm up
$port = if ($instanceToWarm -match "blue") {
else {
# The path we'll use to warm the instance up
$stagingSite = "http://${serverFarmName}:${port}/${warmUpPath}"
Write-Host "Warming $instanceToWarm up on $stagingSite"
# Loop until we have a satisfactory response time
Do {
$time = Measure-Command {
$res = Invoke-WebRequest $stagingSite
$ms = $time.TotalMilliSeconds
If ($ms -ge $minTime) {
Write-Host "$($res.StatusCode) from $stagingSite in $($ms)ms"
} While ($ms -ge $minTime)
Write-Host "$($res.StatusCode) from $stagingSite in $($ms)ms"
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