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An Opensource Alternative to the Elgato Stream Deck for the Raspberry Pi
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StreamPi Client

This repository has the source code of the StreamPi Client Software, which is the interface for the multipurpose keyboard and is intended to run on any Single Board Computer, preferably the Raspberry Pi.

What is StreamPi?

StreamPi is an opensource, free alternative to the Elgato Stream Deck, which is a fully customizable and powerful multi-purpose keyboard.

Why StreamPi?

The original Stream Deck can serve as an extremely useful and powerful tool for Streamers, gamers, and professional users. However, it is not a budget friendly option for the average user. Hence, we decided to work on an opensource and cheaper alternative to the Stream Deck - The StreamPi

How to install StreamPi Client?

Installation is easy. You can grab the latest build from Releases, extract it on your SBC in your preferred directory, and then run sudo ./ in the extracted directory.

How to use StreamPi?

You can browse through a comprehensive list of tutorials here.

StreamPi has two branches of software - Server and Client

This repository contains the Client Side code, which runs on your Raspberry Pi (or any cheaper or costlier SBC)

The client was originally written for the Raspberry Pi, which is a very cheap and powerful Single Board Computer. However, since this is written completely in Java, it can run virtually anywhere, even on another PC!

TL:DR you can run StreamPi Server, and Client on Linux, Windows and MacOS!

Since the Raspberry Pi is a small form factor motherboard, it can be used as a keyboard, if paired with any touch screen.


  • A network connection to connect to the Client, via a router, or LAN.

  • This software has been written with Java, and is designed to work with Java 11+. If you want to compile this on your own, then you need to have Java 11+ installed on your computer, along with JavaFX 11+ installed. BellSoft's Liberica JDK 11 is preferred as it comes pre-bundled JavaFX 11.


If you would like to contribute, or talk to us, or suggest anything, you can raise and issue in the repository, or if you want to talk to us, then you can simply join our Discord Server


This was originally thought of by Samuel Quinones. I was the one who wrote the software with assistance from Sam.


MIT License

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