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Tool to extract disks from XEN XVA container to raw file
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The .xva is actually a .tar file, that contain a xml with the configuration for XEN and folders with names like Ref:99, these foldes are the virtual disk of the VM.

Into of each folder has many blocks used by the virtual disk with name like 00000171 and a checksum file with name like 00000171.checksum.

To create the raw disk you need the follow parameters:

  • Name of xva file (foo.xva)
  • Referency
  • Last block of each virtual disk to convert
  • Name of the new raw disk (bar.img)

Obtain virtual disk folder names

Use the follow command:

tar tf foo.xva |awk -F "/" {'print $1'} |sort | uniq -c

You obtain an output like this:

1 ova.xml
280378 Ref:5
19522 Ref:8

Then you virtual disk folder are Ref:5 and Ref:8

Obtain the last virtual disk block

Use the follow command

tar tf foo.xva |grep Ref:5 |tail -n2

That show an output like:


Change the grep for you virtual disk folder Ref name

Create the new raw image

Now you can use the as follow:

./ foo.xva Ref:5 00000174 bar.img

When the command end, you have a new bar.img file and you can user that over KVM Hypervisor or another


You can use the raw image to use with VirtualBox, use the follow command to do that:

vboxmanage convertfromraw bar.img foo.vdi --format VDI


  • Add the search commando to the script
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