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Damb is a plugin that adds basic audio support to VapourSynth. It consists of two filters: Read and Write.

libsndfile is used for reading and writing the audio files. To read and write FLAC, OGG, and Vorbis, libsndfile must be compiled with support for those formats.


damb.Read(clip clip, string file[, float delay=0.0])

Read will attach to each frame from clip the corresponding audio samples from file.


Clip to which audio will be added. The number of frames and the frame rate must be known.


Name of the audio file. WAV, W64, WAV with WAVEFORMATEX, FLAC, and OGG are supported.


Delay applied to the audio, in seconds. If negative, the audio starts earlier, samples are discarded from the beginning, and silence is added at the end, if necessary. If positive, the audio starts later, silence is inserted at the beginning, and excess samples are discarded at the end. The duration of the clip is not changed.

damb.Write(clip clip, string file[, string format, string sample_type, float quality=0.7])

Write takes the audio samples attached to each frame from clip and writes them to file.

It is important to request frames from Write strictly in ascending order, starting at 0.


Clip with audio. If there is more than one type of audio in the clip, Write will abort at the first frame where a mismatch is detected. The properties attached to the first frame requested from Write will be used as reference (channel count, sample rate, sample type).


Name of the output audio file. If the extension is recognised, it sets the output format.

Since both WAV and WAVEX formats can have the extension "wav", Write will output WAVEX if the input was WAVEX, otherwise WAV.

Recognised extensions: "wav", "w64", "wavex", "flac", "ogg".


Sets the output audio format. If not specified, the output format is guessed from the extension, or if that fails, the output format will be the same as the input format.

Possible values: same as the recognised extensions.


Sets the output audio sample type. If not specified, the output sample type will be the same as the input sample type.

Possible values: "u8", "s8", "s16", "s24", "s32", "float", "double".

Only has effect on lossless output formats.


Sets the quality level for the Vorbis compression. 0.0 is the lowest quality possible, while 1.0 is the highest. With libvorbis-aotuv, 0.7 is more than sufficient for transparency.

Only has effect for the "ogg" output format.




WTFPL, although binaries are LGPL because of libsndfile.