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Simple text output plugin for VapourSynth
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This is a simple text output plugin for VapourSynth. It doesn't use any external libraries for drawing the text. It uses a built-in bitmap font: the not-bold, 8×16 version of Terminus. The font was not modified, only converted from PCF to an array of bytes.

The font covers Windows-1252, which is a superset of ISO-8859-1 (aka latin1). Unprintable characters get turned into underscores. Long lines get wrapped in a dumb way. Lines that end up too low to fit in the frame are silently dropped.


scrawl.Text(clip clip, string text[, int alignment=7])

Draws arbitrary text.

scrawl.ClipInfo(clip clip[, int alignment=7])

Draws information about the clip.

scrawl.CoreInfo([clip clip=std.BlankClip(), int alignment=7])

Draws information about the VapourSynth core.

scrawl.FrameNum(clip clip[, int alignment=7])

Draws the frame number on every frame.

scrawl.FrameProps(clip clip[, string props=[], int alignment=7])

Draws all the properties attached to the frames, or just those passed in the props array.

The alignment parameter takes a number from 1 to 9, corresponding to the positions of the keys on a numpad.


This plugin requires some features of C++11: std::to_string() and std::next().



For the code, WTFPL. The Terminus font uses the OFL.

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