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Chroma smoothing filter
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SmoothUV is a spatial derainbow filter.

The luma is returned unchanged.

Currently only x86 systems are supported.

This is a port of the SmoothUV filter from the SmoothUV Avisynth plugin. The Avisynth plugin also includes the SSHiQ filter, which was not ported.

RainbowSmooth is a script which adds edge detection to SmoothUV. It is a port of the Avisynth function rainbow_smooth().


smoothuv.SmoothUV(clip clip, [int radius=3, int threshold=270, bint interlaced])
A clip to process. It must have constant format and it must be 8 bit YUV.

Radius. Must be between 1 and 7.

Larger values smooth more.

Default: 3.


Threshold. Must be between 0 and 450.

Larger values smooth more.

Default: 270.


Each frame's "_FieldBased" property is examined to determine if the frame should be considered interlaced. If the "_FieldBased" property is 0 or it doesn't exist, the frame is considered not interlaced.

Set this parameter to override the automatic detection of interlaced frames.

RainbowSmooth(clip, radius=3, lthresh=0, hthresh=220, mask="original")
The clip to process.

Radius passed to SmoothUV.

Default: 3.

lthresh, hthresh

The low and the high smoothing thresholds. Use smaller values for safer processing. The masking is only used for hthresh, so if you set lthresh greater than hthresh lthresh will be the overall threshold and no masking will be used (fastest). But if you set lthresh=0 you disable the basic chroma smoothing and use only the chroma smoothing on edges.

Default: lthresh=0, hthresh=220.


Edge mask to use. It can be either a clip, or one of the following strings: "original", "prewitt", "sobel", "tcanny", "fast_sobel", "kirsch", "retinex_edgemask".

"original" is the edge mask used by the original rainbow_smooth() Avisynth function.

The latter three require

Default: "original".


mkdir build && cd build
meson ../



Meson runs faster than and configure.


GNU GPL, like the Avisynth plugin.

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