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Rohan and Kate React Week. The Long Grass - a Pokemon Adventure
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The Long Grass

Netlify Status

The team

@RohanSSS @dubhcait


Ready for a Poké Adventure? The long grass is waiting. This is a pokémon game built with react. It uses the pokemon API. It generates 3 pokemon every 3 seconds.Grab them all!


  1. use git clone to clone the project
  2. use npm i to install all dependencies
  3. use npm start to launch the project on localhost:3000
  4. you can use npm build to create a local version of how the project will build on the live production version
  5. you can run npm test to run tests locally.

How to Play

  • Select the Pokemon type you would like to catch
  • To catch a Pokemon just click on them but be warned they run.
  • Try not to catch grass
  • And scramble to catch as many as you can in 30 seconds
  • Catch them all and beat your friends score

Things we Learned

  • onError function for images in react.
  • Using recursion (for the first time since we learned it many weeks ago)
  • React makes things easy but can be weird



  • loading custom fonts that are not google fonts.

Testing link text

  • tests for App.js

  • tests for utils

    We used jest.spyOn to mock API calls


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