Arduino library for AlphaNumeric Display Drivers from Sparkfun (
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This is a very basic library for SparkFun's Alpha-Numeric Display Driver (

License: Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 ( - Use it however you'd like, but attribution would be great! I'd love to hear how you're using the library ( Definitely let me know if you've added to the library, there's room for improvement... If you encounter any bugs, please add them to the issues tab in the git repository (

Install: After extracting the library place the 'AlphaNumeric_Driver' folder into your Arduino 'libraries' folder. On my standard windows install this is at C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\Arduino\libraries. After copying the library, if you have Arduino already open, you'll need to close and re-open it.

Using the library: After a successful install you should see 'AlphaNumeric_Driver' under the 'Sketch->Import Library' menu in Arduino.  Adding the library to your blank sketch should add the following line to your code:

#include <AlphaNumeric_Driver.h>

To use the display you have to first create an instance of it.  This can be done using the 'alphaNumeric(SDIpin, CLKpin, LEpin, OEpin, displayNumber)' command. For example:

int SDIpin = 11;
int CLKpin = 13;
int LEpin = 10;
int OEpin = 9;
alphaNumeric myDisplay(SDIpin, CLKpin, LEpin, OEpin, NUMBER_OF_DISPLAYS);

Creates an alphanumeric display called myDisplay with predefined pin numbers and a set number of displays.  SDIpin, CLKpin, LEpin and OEpin must be digital pins.

Available functions:
* on(); - Turns all connected displays on.
* off(); - Turns all connected displays off.
* scroll(char * string, int time); - Takes a string of characters and scrolls it in one direction. 'time' is the amount of time between character shifts.
* clear(); - Clears the display. Dependent on displayNumber.
* print(char toPrint); - Takes an ASCII character and prints it on the first connected display. All other characters currently displayed will be shifted one display.
* shift16(uint16_t data); - Shifts a 16-bit value into the display. Don't use this function to print ASCII characters. Only use it if you want direct control over each segment.

Flipping the display: If you want to flip the displays over 180degrees stick the following code at the top of your program:


It must go before the #include '<AlphaNumeric_Driver.h>' code.

Let me know how it works for you, or if you find any bugs!
-Jim Lindblom