libraries for pure-lang
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Libraries and stuff for pure-lang.

The contrib folder is a sandbox for contributions I'm making to the Pure distribution.

The rest are things I'm working on, or are provided here just for the random interested browser.

  • macros/try.pure -- try/succeeds/finally macros (NEW)
  • macros/gfolds.pure -- gfold-writing macros (NEW)
  • macros/walker.pure -- walks and converts a Pure syntax tree, used by gfolds.pure (NEW)
  • macros/common.pure -- some common macro operations

  • hashtable.pure -- mutable hashtable

  • prelude2.pure -- miscellaneous extra bits and pieces

Experiments, of mixed success:

  • experiments/delimcc.pure -- delimited continuations (shift/reset), only works in some cases
  • experiments/functor.pure -- ML-style functors in pure