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/* Common macro operations.
namespace __macro__;
public __id__ __head__ __tail__ __flip__ __append__ __subst__;
def __id__ x = x;
def __head__ (x:xs) = x;
def __tail__ (x:xs) = xs;
def __flip__ head b a = head a b;
def __append__ (v:w:x:y:ys) zs = v:w:x:y:(__append__ ys zs);
def __append__ (w:x:y:ys) zs = w:x:y:(__append__ ys zs);
def __append__ (x:y:ys) zs = x:y:(__append__ ys zs);
def __append__ (y:ys) zs = y:(__append__ ys zs);
def __append__ [] zs = zs;
def __subst__ v [] = v;
def __subst__ v ((v-->w):xs) = w;
def __subst__ v (x:xs) = __subst__ v xs;
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