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lists and weakdict now in contrib; updated README

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The `contrib` folder is a sandbox for contributions I'm making to the Pure distribution.
-Currently, it includes these features not yet in the Pure Mercurial repository:
-* Implementation of ==? and ~=? as discussed on mailing list. This is used by
- the `index` list function and a new `member` list function.
-* Separated list functions into their own file, lists.pure. This includes optimizations
- for the following list functions, disabled by default. Use `--enable=list-opt` to turn them
- on: (+) filter foldr foldr1 init map take takewhile cat catmap zip zip3 zipwith zipwith3.
- The subseq function is also optimized for lists; this still resides in prelude.pure.
-* Added the following new list functions:
- reverse_onto, map_onto, catmap_onto, zip_onto, zip3_onto -- the last two are really variants of zipwith
- foldl2, foldl3, foldr2, foldr3 -- these fold 2 or 3 lists in parallel, stopping with shortest
- split n xs -- efficient version of {take n xs, drop n xs}
- splitby p xs -- efficient version of {filter p xs, filter ((~).p) xs}
- findl p xs -- first element satisfying p, else throw out_of_bounds
- deletel p xs -- delete first element satisfying p, fails silently
- popl p xs -- efficient version of {findl p xs, deletel p xs}, returns {} if no match
- findr, deleter, popr -- these apply to last element satisfying p
- chain [xs,ys,...] --- efficient version of cat [stream xs, stream ys, ...]
- rotate xs -- efficient version of last xs:init xs
- bisect -- splits list in half in single traversal
- swap: here is the implementation:
- swap y (x:xs) default = x:y:xs;
- swap _ [] default = default;
- I use something like this in recursive functions, when a result needs to
- bubble up from later in the list back through a pending return stack.
-* Integrates trees23 into the stdlib, but it's disabled by default. Use `--enable=trees23` to turn on.
-* Added fold functions to both trees23 and avltrees, and various additional get, delete, and
- pop functions to both libraries. Haven't yet exposed this functionality in the high-level
- sets/bags/dicts APIs.
-* examples/msort.pure is an optimized stable mergesort for lists; this is already in the Pure repository.
The rest are things I'm working on, or are provided here just for the random interested browser.
* macros/try.pure -- try/succeeds/finally macros (NEW)
* macros/gfolds.pure -- gfold-writing macros (NEW)
* macros/walker.pure -- walks and converts a Pure syntax tree, used by gfolds.pure (NEW)
* macros/common.pure -- some common macro operations
- * weakdict.pure -- weak references, and weak-key and weak-value dicts (I will merge this into the contrib/ folder soon. It already works but I still need to write tests/better docs.)
* hashtable.pure -- mutable hashtable
* prelude2.pure -- miscellaneous extra bits and pieces
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