Parse Jenkins results files and summarises results in a google spreadsheet
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Wildlife is a python script which reads the results of Jenkins Tests result files from various Projects and Jobs 
and then updates a single google spreadsheet with the results. The advvantage is that you can see all error from 
various jobs and projects in one place and use use the advantages spreadsheets provide: sorting, adding notes

The google spreadsheet that you intend to update must have the columns:
1. TestGrouping - This is the name of the Jenkins job
2. Project - This is the name of project within the job
3. TestSuite - The name of the test suite of the failure
4. Test - The name of the failing test
5. Failure - This will contain the first lines of the exception
from the test failure
6. Responsible - The person on your team responsible for the test.
7. Note - Additional notes for the failure

In order to run this script you need the following installed:
1.Python 2.7
2.The Google Docs python APIs, version 2.0.16.  Available here:
Follow the installation instructions to install the google python apis.
3. A configuration file (named config.xml) which contains
* Your google credentials
* The mappings between jobs as they are named in Jenkins and how 
they are named in your spreadsheet
* The mappings between how your project are named in Jenkins and how you wish
them to appear in the spreadsheet. 

It is a good idea to fill these out as it makes you spreadsheet easier to read,

Please see the example configuration file in the project.

Note: There are further configuration options possible.  Check 
the help (by using the standard -h python option).

1. Before the script is run no row can be locked. This is a google quirk.
2. When the new failures are added as new rows, the will follow the same text 
format as the top row. This is a google quirk.

1.  Google Python APIs:

Author Alex Staveley, Feb 2012. Email: