Tutorial Files used for Migrating MODX Site Content from Evolution to Revolution. Last tested May 2016 on MODX 2.5
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#Upgrade from Evo to Revo with a cPanel Backup

##The Setup

  1. Create your cPanel Backup of the Home Directory
  2. Open PHPmyadmin
  3. Export your Evo DB Table "modx_site_content" as a CSV file.
  • Check "Remove carriage return/line feed characters within columns"
  • Check "Put columns names in first row"
  1. Open this CSV in text edit
  • Find your contents ""
  • Replace with " so we escape the content quotes
  • Find ,,
  • Check these results to make sure double commas are only in your database headers. If you have double commas in your content field please edit those out manually.
  • Replace with ,"",
  • Save
  1. Create a folder to host our Github files on a testing server, the new server, or local server, we call our migrate
  2. Upload your modx_site_content.csv to this folder along with migration-expert.php and update-tags.php
  3. Run update-tags.php

##Content Editing

The update-tags script removes line breaks from content for you but you'll need to go add them back in at the end of the the data rows.

  1. Open TextEdit and hit enter after "alias_visible" so the next line starts with "1"
  2. Next i did a find for "document" since that is going to be the 2nd value for every line, then hit enter before the number (id) that is before "document". thats starts a new record. It's hard to explain but you can do a find/replace for the end value ,"1"" and replace with a line break.
  • AND ,"0"" for templates and unpublished resources *
  1. Save and re-upload modx_site_content_updated.csv to the folder

###Install MODX Revo 2.3

##Import to the Database

Time for some insertion magic, and hopefully a bit of content creation

  1. EDIT migration-expert.php
  2. Insert your database info on line 2
  3. Run the file.

###Open your MODX Manager and view your glorious victory over Manual Content Migration!

If no errors delete this migrate folder unless your going to do templates now.


Upload your assets/template files to the new server


MODX Revo now has a Parent Column but you can still copy/paste the SQL statement from the EVO dump.


INSERT INTO `modx_categories` (`id`, `category`) VALUES (1,'Demo Content'),(2,'Login'),(3,'Manager and Admin'),(4,'Search'),(5,'Content'),(6,'Forms'),(7,'Navigation'),(8,'Custom');


Same Scenario.

  1. Open PHPmyadmin
  2. Export your Evo DB Table "modx_site_templates" as a CSV file.
  3. Repeat steps above to get CSV ready
  4. just change my Migrate files to look for _templates not _content related files, change the names of the .php to avoid cache issues.
  • update-tags.php - line 3 & line 27
  • migration-expert.php - line 12 & line 28
  • change the $insert line 54 to:
$insert = "INSERT INTO `modx_site_templates` (`id`, `templatename`, `description`, `editor_type`, `category`, `icon`, `template_type`, `content`, `locked`) VALUES ('".$csv_row[id]."','".$csv_row[templatename]."','".$csv_row[description]."','".$csv_row[editor_type]."','".$csv_row[category]."','".$csv_row[icon]."','".$csv_row[template_type]."','".$csv_row[content]."','".$csv_row[locked]."')";
  1. Truncate your revo modx_site_templates table
  2. run your new migration-expert php
  3. If they don't show up in the manager but the page renders it is most likely because of a category ID setting.

Depending on your # of templates it would be arguably quicker to just do it manually. Just make sure the template ID in the database is the same since resources call ID's not Names.


The modx_site_htmlsnippets table has many new additional columns

Same Scenario.

  1. Open PHPmyadmin
  2. Export your Evo DB Table "modx_site_htmlsnippets" as a CSV file.
  3. escape double quotes and make sure double comma column separations are seen properly with ,"",
  4. alter update-tags.php
  5. run
  6. download _updated
  7. re-insert line breaks for header row and data rows
  8. upload
  9. duplicate migration-expert.php and edit line 12 & line 28
  10. New $insert:
$insert = "INSERT INTO `modx_site_htmlsnippets` 
(`id`, `source`, `property_preprocess`, `name`, `description`, `editor_type`, `category`, `cache_type`, `snippet`, `locked`, `properties`, `static`, `static_file`) VALUES 
  1. run
  2. check your manager, live site for renderings

##Template Variables (modx_site_tmplvars)

"Display Params" is no more, tested using "output_properties"

Run update-tags.php on this if you like, its usually standard stuff from evo. Just add this:


to your SQL command.

INSERT INTO `modx_site_tmplvars` (id,source,property_preprocess,type,name,caption,description,editor_type,category,locked,elements,rank,display,output_properties,default_text) VALUES ('1',1,0,'textarea','css','CSS','','0','2','0','','0','','','');


Changing that standard Parent #2 Ditto snippet to getResources

[[Ditto? &parents=`2` &display=`2` &removeChunk=`Comments` &tpl=`ditto_blog` &paginate=`1` &extenders=`summary,dateFilter` &paginateAlwaysShowLinks=`1` &tagData=`documentTags`]]
[[getResources? &parents=`2` &tpl=`ditto_blog`]]

Visit http://rtfm.modx.com/extras/revo/getresources for more information


Changing eForm to FormIt




On the Contact Form inputs:

eform="Your Name::1:"



and change the id=cf... name structure

visit http://rtfm.modx.com/extras/revo/formit/formit.tutorials-and-examples/formit.examples.simple-contact-page for more examples of the form HTML

[[+validationmessage]] becomes


the ContactFormReport aka Email Template should have placeholders already updated if you did the update-tags.php on your chunks.