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Twitter DogHouse App

Winner of this CloudSpokes Challenge with a score of 100%!

Covered by Mashable:

Social networking with Twitter is great except when the people you follow pollute your feed with sponsored spam, political flamewars, and live-tweets of some show or event you don't care about. With this app you can unfollow them, tell them they are being annoying, and re-follow them after a specified amount of time.


  • List of following users loaded for you to choose from

  • Select user to add to your DogHouse

  • Set optional insert and release from DogHouse tweets to be sent to the Tweeter you are punishing

  • View and edit duration and release tweet for all users currently in the DogHouse

  • Live dynamic countdown for users currently in the DogHouse

  • Send special Tweet to @TwitDoghouse to have us put users in your DogHouse AUTOMATICALLY

  • Fully responsive. Looks great on mobile devices

  • Killer logo!

Production app

  • This app is currently being hosted by Heroku at

    • If the live app fails, please check to make sure that it's not because the server is down.

Deployment instructions

  • Runs on Rails 3.2.2 and Ruby 1.9.3

  • Uses Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome for the UI.

  • There is a rake task that initiates the check for “Put in DogHouse” requests sent to the @TwitDoghouse account called 'handle_twitter_requests' in lib/tasks/scheduler.rake.

    • In production, Heroku scheduler executes this task every 10 minutes. In development you need to run this task manually in order to test it out.

  • The files in vendor/assets are not my code. They are jquery plugins that I downloaded.

  • After cloning the project don't forget to run 'bundle install' and 'rake db:migrate'.

  • This app uses Delayed Job to run many asynchronous tasks.

  • Constants are set in config/initializers/constants.rb

  • You will need to connect to your own Twitter app by modifying the TWITTER_KEY and TWITTER_SECRET in config/environments/development.rb.

  • Run the rake task 'initialize_canned_tweets' to populate the CannedTweet table with some hilarious canned Doghouse enter and exit tweets.

  • This app uses Caching to store a map of Twitter IDs to Screen Names. If deploying to Heroku I suggest using Memcache.