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PacMan: single and multiplayers

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An online version of the famous PacMan game. It features the ability to play online with up to 4 players on the same grid.

Initially the project focused on a 100% client-side version of the PacMan game. Due to a will to discover both websockets and Node.js, I decided to increase this challenge by creating a program with a light client and heavy server. The last commit on the client only version is 0ff5bcb. This new architecture allowed to add a multiplayers functionnality.

So that this version has two sides:

  • a server (Node.js): Which has to manage the whole game. It has to compute each iteration of it and send back results to as many clients as necessary.
  • a client: Which has to render what has been computed server-side.

Run the server using Docker

Setup Docker on your computer

I recommand you to follow the instructions available on the official documentation of docker:

Build and run the image

$: # Create an image called pacman
$: sudo docker build -t pacman .
$: # Run it at port 8080 in daemon mode
$: sudo docker run -d -p 8080:80 pacman
$: # List running dockers (-a to see all dockers)
$: sudo docker ps
$: # Stop the container
$: sudo docker stop <constainer_id>

Run the server locally

Setup Node.js on your computer

In order to run js-pacman on your machine, you need to have a valid version of Node.js. Indeed this project is a server-side program written in JavaScript.

Install required dependencies

js-pacman requires some dependencies to be able to run properly. Among these dependencies we can quote:

  • Socket.IO: heavily used in this project to handle the communications between the server and its clients to establich and then run the game
  • Express: used to serve static files (mainly used for its routes)

In order to install these dependencies, you need to cd in the root of this project and run the following command:

npm install

Run the server using Node.js

Once all the pre-requisites explained before are solved, you can launch the server using:

node app.js

Alternatively you can use this command:


Test it


Another basic PacMan written in JavaScript for fun








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