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AI scripts++
- matrix
  * Object::BELOW_BIT cleared on each tick
- lua
  * oz*BindOverlaps exclude subject (Struct, Object)
  * bugfixes in API
  * new AI scripts, everything as automata
    + beasts shoot if a non-beast comes too close
    + knights hunting everything non-knight
    + goblins attack if someone catches them

Read release notes


Final polishing, Area updating++
- many small fixes
- oz
  * Time: reverted to multimedia timer on Win32
- ui
  * Area::updateChildren(), removed static list Area::updateAreas, fixes crash
    when removing an Area that lost UPDATE_BIT


version 0.1.1, C++0x and hover vehicle fixes
- share/openzone -> share/openzone/data to fix netradiant/q3map2
- empty Type() ctors defaulted
- oz
  * Sparse and SVector are again implemented via uinons (unrestriced unions from
    C++0x required if Type has some other ctors besides the trivial default one)
- matrix
  * Vehicle
    + kill the bot on ejection if there's no room to eject
    + hover vehicles can jump
- tools
  * ozPrebuild uses default OZ_DEFAULT_DATA_DIR if no parameter is given


Version 0.1.2, Polishing, data fixes, new weapons
- new droid model, new weapons, many class & models adjustments
- oz
  * Hash* now properly calls destructors
- matrix
  * hover vehicle fixes
  * Bot::heal, Bot::rearm
- architect -> censor
- ui
  * StrategicArea always activated
- client
  * MD2 attack animation FPS adjusted to shotInterval
  * object counts written on exit
- lua
  * matrix handlers split into 3 files
  * many small fixes/adjustments
  * serviceStation heals, rearms
  * new weapon handlers


Version 0.1.0
- various small fixes
- client
  * Render checks that all function addresses are != null


Markdown, mouse accel++
- renamed *-x86_32 back to *-i686
- most info files converted to Markdown
- PKGBUILD & .spec updated
- matrix
  * airControl used during ledge climbing
- client
  * polynomial mouse acceleration, parameters can be set in input.json
  * Terrain normals stored as 3*byte to reduce .ozcTerra


Final polishing, mouse acceleration
- matrix
  * uncrouch bot when embarking
- ui
  * dummy SettingsFrame
  * mouse acceleration, mouse.uiRelX/Y (Linux + fullscreen in UI mode only)


ObjectClass::title, syncheck.cmake, .desktop
- oz
  * Map::add() overrides rather than fails when the element exists
- matrix
  * ObjectClass::title
  * bots cannot run when hurt
- client
  * replaced by dir.prefix
- cmake
  * add_syncheck macro
  * syntax-check targets
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