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Design system documentation generator based on CSS comments
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I'm a big fan of living documentation and design systems. When building design systems using CSS, documentation can be a bit tedious and that's why I build this tiny project.

Write your CSS files, add some comments with a tiny specific syntax and provide some templates to generate the final documentation. Edit your styles and regenerate, your documentation will always be in sync with your actual code. Check the example/ folder to get a grasp on how it works.


$ pip install eugen


$ eugen your_css_file.css and_another.css -t templates_directory -o output_directory -v


In order to generate the documentation, you'll have to add some tags in your CSS comments based on what you'd expect:

 * This is your root element, which will be rendered by the index template, it
 * represents your home.
 * Here this is a simple comment not tied to a `tag`. Let's add some eugen specific
 * comments with the `@` prefix.
 * @version: 1.0.0
:root {
   * Now the :root declaration has properties too which follow the same comment
   * syntax.
   * @category: Colors
  --brand-color: blue;

 * @block
 * You can also omit the `:` and directly add the description, here, this declaration
 * is the sidebar block.
 * During the rendering, each element will be grouped by every `tag` (the `@` prefix) keys
 * and a template matching that tag will be rendered for this element.
 * For example, with this declaration, it will try to find a template matching the
 * `block` name, and render it in `block/sidebar/index.html`
 * With this in mind, you can create your templates based on what you really need to output.
.sidebar {

 * @theend
 * That's all you need to know! Easy right?
 * Everything else will be in your templates, check the `example` folder.
footer { }

Want more information, check the full documentation!

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