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(ns ciste.debug
"The ciste.debug namespace contains only a single macro: spy. Spy will
log the code it wraps as well as a pretty-printed version of it's
value. That value will then be returned. This allows you to easily
monitor any bit of code by simply wrapping it with spy."
(:use [clojure.pprint :only [pprint]])
(:require [ :as log]))
(defmacro spy
"Wrap an expression in this macro to log the expression followed by the
pretty-printed version of the result.
Useful for quickly logging the value of a variable or simple expression."
`(let [value# ~sym]
(log/info (str ~(str sym) ": "
(pprint value#))))
(defmacro with-time
"Evaluates expr and calls f with timing info. Returns the value of expr."
[f expr]
`(let [start# (System/nanoTime)
ret# ~expr
elapsed# (/ (double (- (. System (nanoTime)) start#)) 1000000.0)]
(~f {:return ret# :elapsed elapsed# :code '~expr})
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