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(ns ciste.runner
"This is the runner for ciste applications.
Specify this namespace as the main class of your application."
(:use [ciste.config :only [config load-config run-initializers!
[lamina.core :only [enqueue on-drained permanent-channel
receive-in-order receive-all]]
(:require [ :as log])
(defonce application-promise (ref nil))
^{:doc "By default, the runner will look for a file with this name at the root
of the project directory."}
default-site-config-filename "ciste.clj")
^{:doc "Ref containing the currently loaded site config"}
default-site-config (ref {}))
(defonce pending-requires (ConcurrentLinkedQueue.))
(defn consume-require
#_(log/debugf "Loading %s" sym)
(require sym)
#_(log/debugf " - %s loaded" sym)
(catch Exception ex
(log/error ex)
(.printStackTrace ex)
(System/exit 0))))
(defn read-site-config
"Read the site config file"
([] (read-site-config default-site-config-filename))
;; TODO: Check a variety of places for this file.
(-> filename slurp read-string)
(catch FileNotFoundException ex
;; TODO: Throw an exception here
(throw (RuntimeException.
"Could not find service config. Ensure that ciste.clj exists at the root of your application and is readable"))))))
(defn load-site-config
"Read the site config and store it for later use"
(let [site-config (read-site-config)]
(ref-set default-site-config site-config))))
(defn require-namespaces
"Require the sequence of namespace strings"
(doseq [sn namespaces]
(let [sym (symbol sn)]
#_(log/debugf "enqueuing %s" sym)
(.add pending-requires sym))))
(defn require-modules
"Require each namespace"
([] (require-modules @default-site-config))
(require-namespaces (concat (:modules service-config)
(:services service-config)
(config :modules)
(config :services)))))
(defn start-services!
"Start each service."
([] (start-services! @default-site-config))
(doseq [service-name (concat (:services site-config)
(config :services))]
(let [service-sym (symbol service-name)]
(log/info (str "Starting " service-name))
(require service-sym)
((intern (the-ns service-sym) (symbol "start")))))))
(defn process-requires
(loop [sym (.poll pending-requires)]
(when sym
(consume-require sym)
(recur (.poll pending-requires)))))
(defn init-services
"Ensure that all namespaces for services have been required and that the
config provider has benn initialized"
;; TODO: initialize config backend
(set-environment! environment)
(defn stop-services!
([] (stop-services! @default-site-config))
(doseq [service-name (concat (:services site-config)
(config :services))]
(log/info (str "Stopping " service-name))
((intern (the-ns (symbol service-name)) (symbol "stop"))))))
(defn stop-application!
(log/info "Stopping application")
(deliver @application-promise true))
(defn start-application!
(start-application! (or (System/getenv "CISTE_ENV")
(:environment @default-site-config))))
(log/info "Starting application")
(init-services environment)
(dosync (ref-set application-promise (promise)))
;; (run-initializers!)
(defn -main
"Main entry point for ciste applications.
Specify this function as you application's entry point."
[& options]
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