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(ns ciste.sections.default
(:use [ciste.sections :only [declare-section defsection]]
[inflections.core :only [plural underscore]]))
(declare-section link-to)
(declare-section full-uri)
(declare-section uri)
(declare-section title)
(declare-section delete-button)
(declare-section edit-button)
(declare-section update-button)
(declare-section actions-section)
(declare-section add-form)
(declare-section edit-form)
(declare-section show-section)
(declare-section index-line)
(declare-section index-block :seq)
(declare-section index-section :seq)
(declare-section show-section-minimal)
(declare-section index-line-minimal)
(declare-section index-block-minimal :seq)
(declare-section index-section-minimal :seq)
(defsection title :default
[record & options]
(pr-str record))
(defsection uri :default
[record & options]
(if-let [segment (if-let [model-name (class record)]
(plural (underscore (.getSimpleName model-name))))]
(format "/%s/%s" segment (or (:_id record)
(:id record)))))
(defsection show-section :default
[record & options]
(:title record))
(defsection index-line :default
[record & options]
(show-section record))
(defsection index-block :default
[records & [options & _]]
(map #(index-line % options)
(defsection index-section :default
[records & [options & _]]
(index-block records options))
(defsection show-section-minimal :default
[record & _]
(title record))
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